Why it is Important to Avoid Bad Habits in Exercising.

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014


Exercising or weight training can be lots of fun, as long as you curb your bad habits. To be
successful at any kind of exercising whether it be weight training or aerobics or something else,
you need to develop the behavior patterns that will lead to having fun and to become the
winner. A part of this is avoiding certain bad habits. We all have some kind of bad habits of
one form or another, but when we learn to recognize them for what they are we can begin to
dismiss them from your life then you can begin to see how much fun weight loss through
exercising can be.
Taking care of the body should be of utmost importance to anyone who wants to engage in
exercising seriously. Smoking and drinking are bad habits that do not mix well with any kind of
exercise. Smoking cuts a person's breathing capabilities and makes the person gasp for air
after a short practice run. It can also cause permanent damage to the lungs that could help to
hamper the delivery of endorphins to your system.
Drinking alcohol is another bad habit for people who are on an exercise program. It
dehydrates the body and slows coordination. However, drinking other fluids is necessary.
Some people working out have the bad habits of not keeping themselves hydrated. This
should not happen, since there are usually plenty of water and electrolyte-rich drinks available
at the gym. But at the same time be careful of choosing your drinks and do not make them the
sugary kind. This can cause the highs and lows that are so often associated with sugar.
People engaging in an exercise program are also quite often entrenched in their bad habits of
not getting enough sleep. They are wound up after a session at the gym or at home and do
not feel like going to bed early. They get up to start their training on an early schedule. If
they push themselves too hard, they will find that these bad habits will end up taking them out
of the game and could even have far reaching results that can cause other problems with your
A person should never start to exercise without some sort of stretching or warm-up exercises.
Yet, bad habits often prevail. People begin doing their regime without the slightest thought to
getting ready. This is important even for a professional athlete. It often happens, though,
that an amateur will be more careless about how they begin. They do not make it their
business to do everything right. Sometimes people, who engage in a program, occasionally
think they can be athletes without much practice. They have the bad habit of doing nothing
for weeks or months on end. Then, they jump in and do strenuous sports activities. They
believe that they do not need to keep practiced and in shape. This can result in injury and
Not using proper safety equipment is a bad habit in an exercise program. All of the professionals
will make sure that this equipment is in place before ever starting out. If a professional weight
trainer were to make it into the gym without his protections in place, or having a spotter he
would be in serious trouble with their trainer. This may cause them an injury something slip and
fall. This would be a dangerous mistake. No matter what kind of exercise you engage in
there are always some kind of gear or protection that you should be using to ensure your own
safety and health as well as others around you.
A good exercise program can be a fun activity or a great way to make a living depending on
what exercise you choose to pursue. Either way, the way you conduct yourself will make all
the difference in how you enjoy the program. So, suit up and leave your bad habits on the
bench. In that way you and anyone else around you can enjoy and receive the full benefits of
any program you choose to follow. The good thing also that you can get from this is that when
you learn to leave the bad habits behind you will begin to see other bad habits also melting
away from your life as well.

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