Why don’t we trust others?

Dr. Purushothaman
March 7, 2021

A person whose trust has been broken in the past, and who has been betrayed by someone trusted finds it extremely difficult to have faith in someone again. Such a person question whether someone is worthy of trust or not. When a person finds himself struggling to decide if someone should be trusted or not, it is important to find out the reasons for this.

People having a low propensity to trust face these issues. This propensity is based on various factors. Major ones among these are our personality, early childhood roles models, value and beliefs, self awareness, emotional maturity, culture and past experiences. The aggregate of these factors shapes up how we perceive others and how quickly we trust others. Experiences result in what way we see others, and how we view others. People who have trust issues withhold trust from others until they are completely sure, because such people view trust as something that is supposed to be earned. People with low propensity to trust are unable to enjoy their relationship to the fullest, and experiencing the true joy and satisfaction.

Experiences that are traumatic, when held back and left unspoken and unresolved become a potent reason for trust issues with people. These are in most cases primary cause of broken faith of an individual. Trust issues are not something people openly prefer discussing until it has been breached. What is noteworthy here is that leaving them unsaid only aids in making matters worse. Clarifying expectations are a preventive medication when it comes to trust. Having a conversation about responsibilities, roles, and expectations, howsoever difficult, is better than dealing with fall outs.

Faith and mutual trust are vital to a healthy relationship and for its survival. Whatever the cause may be, it is crucial to work past issue regarding trust to have a happy and fulfilling relationship.  It would take some time, patience and you need to have faith and believe in others. You can connect with Living in Wellbeing through our website to join us in our online assistance and sessions. Try your best and it is a promise the time, trust and faith won’t go waste!

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