Why Do You Think Divorce Is So Prevalent?

Dr. Purushothaman
February 5, 2023

Unfortunately, divorce is a common practice in today’s modern world. Every day couples from across the globe file for divorce at the courts and separate from each other. There has been a great amount of research regarding the fact of why people file for divorce. Let us look at some of the common reason for divorce these days;

  • Lack of commitment is one of the common reasons for divorce. Couples do not feel committed towards their partner and hence they go for divorce.
  • Another common reason for divorce is extramarital affairs.
  • Regular arguments and conflicts become the cause of divorce for many couples. They are not able to resolve their issues calmly or effectively and end up separating.
  • Often getting married at a younger age attributes to divorce.
  • One of the most pertinent reasons for divorce among couples is financial problems. If one is the earning member and the other member is a spender, it creates conflicts leading to divorce.
  • The most common reason for the occurrence of domestic violence is due to emotional and physical abuse in one way or other leading to divorce
  • Health problems also lead to divorce. Illness creates debt and pain-causing differences among couples.
  • Lack of support from the family creates problems between the wife and husband leading to divorce.

The above mentioned are some of the common reasons for divorce. Divorce is becoming prevalent because in the modern world there are many more issues to deal with than in earlier times. Divorce has a severe mental and health impact on couples. The emotional trauma of a divorce can lead to various types of health problems. If at any point in life, you are going through emotional trauma or depression for various issues in life, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors and involve yourself in motivational and inspirational talk with us.

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