Why do we remain Annoyed?

Dr. Purushothaman
March 21, 2021

Annoyance is not a very pleasant feeling. But just like all other feelings, it exists in our personality. But the fact is that no one likes a person who remains constantly irritated, cranky and annoyed.

You have to try to control the anger and keep yourself from getting hyper in situations that generally make you angry. It is important to remember that getting annoyed isn't something that you can get rid of. If you get angry or upset, that emotion is just like happiness or grief in your personality. But you sure can control it.

What can help reduce your Annoyance?

  • Exercise Regularly- A schedule of exercising regularly keeps the mind and the body active and fit. You consume a big part of your energy while exercising. You can try exercising to keep yourself from overthinking about situations and stay focused. This will help suppress the annoyance and also practice to take control over your mind even in tough situations.
  • Fake It All - Assuming you're starting to acknowledge your irritability, you also need to make sure that you don't give into it. Many people personally feel that acting and pretending to be positive brings more positive results.
  • When people are trying to get out of their anxiety and related problems in life, mostly they get irritated and worried and they may find it difficult to attain the normal state. This happens probably because it takes a lot of effort to try to hold back your anxiousness and emotions. As a result, the other things in life that make it more difficult to fight back and thus the anxiety become annoying. To avoid that, you can try being more open about it with the people around. If you feel anxious, talk about it with your close ones. There is no need of being afraid of the anxieties and annoyance within you. This will help suppress and decrease the level of annoyance.

These are the measures that you can use to address your annoyance directly. That is why it's essential to make sure that you take the steps necessary for controlling your anxiety and annoyance permanently so that you can prevent it from affecting you emotions

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