Why Do We Like Flattery?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 13, 2022

Everyone has at some point in their lives given and received compliments. They amplify positivity and noticing the good qualities in the world gives our moods a boost. There is always a debate But why is it that we are in constant need for appreciation?

Why do we like flattery? Is it good or bad to have a need for it?

We all live by the acceptance of others. It is in our human nature. It is no surprise that people adore others when they are nice to them. Compliments help people strive to do better. Studies say that a good grade or a positive work review can cause people to perform more. It is a means of motivation. Having said that, while there are some very positive advantages to flattery, you need to be cautious if it points towards any underlying challenges.

  1. Low Self-Esteem: If you think you are somehow flawed, you need constant flattery to help your mind to improve your negative self-image. It is worrisome since the words you hear do not line up with the way you see yourself.
  2. Curbs happiness in the long run: Excessively praising someone can diminish their capacity to find inherent reward in anything. Making a huge deal out of the things someone achieves or perhaps attempts to can make one highly egoistic.
  3. Expectations are raised: Flattery sometimes implies that you are expected to excel. This can get you under a lot of pressure. Kind words sometimes can be downright terrifying.

The need for flattery interferes with the activities of daily life, ruins relationships and can even cause mental and physical pain.

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