Why Do We Insult Others?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 20, 2022

Insults are part of everyone’s daily life. We live in a period of extreme concern and our relationships are becoming fragile with every passing day. The role to rude behaviour plays is crucial in social relationships and there is a vast science behind it. So what makes for the underlying psychology of insults?
Why do we insult others?
There could possibly be many reasons behind this.
1. Anger: Insults are often motivated by anger. People may react in such a manner to release tension. Anger and insults thereof may not always be deliberate but can prove to be very hurtful to others.
2. Insecurity and jealousy: Some people do not feel good about themselves. They have an unexplainable the need to control and they can only gain that power by putting other people down. Hence, they make rude comments and ridicule you.
3. High or low self-esteem: Insulting someone and putting them down also points at high or low self esteem. People who have a high sense of themselves often look down upon others and those with a low one need to do that to feel better about themselves.

How to deal with this?

  1. Ditch the discussions about others appearances: Looks can be the easiest too to insult someone. It is an easy trigger for them too, as no one likes to be judged basis on their looks.
  2. Look for positivity: Weather in situations or people, look for positive aspects and keep your focus away from the negative things that make you mean and rude.
  3. Discover what is making you mad: Insults and cuss words can be a reaction because of something you are going through. Realise what is making your heart upset and work on correcting that.
    You must seek help for such a chronic illness as it interferes not only with your emotional state of mind but also your physical wellbeing.

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