Why Do We Become Violent?

Dr. Purushothaman
March 14, 2021

From fights over a parking space to several global conflicts, we humans seem to be a violent species. Studies on the causes of aggression in both children and adolescent state that there is no one single cause in general that triggers aggression.

 What are the reasons behind the violence?

There are several causes that trigger violent behavior in us. These could comprise of biological traits, psychological problems, family bonding, education, child development, individual characteristics, peer relationships, cultural shaping and resiliency. Anger could also be a form of depression that is turned outward

Many of them face issues of a self-depreciating conscience. It makes them feel that they are unlovable and not worthy of being cared for. Hence, they attack other people and see them as rejecting. When the accumulation of negative factors or the lack of positive factors thereof, it becomes difficult coping with life's many problems.

 How to cope with violent behavior?

Many different types of therapy may be helpful in treating violent or aggressive behavior.

  • Exercise

Physical activity can help reduce stress. If you feel that your anger is escalating, divert your energies by using them in any physical form such as running, swimming, brisk walking or by doing other enjoyable physical activities.

  • Use humor

Lightening up your worried brain cells can help diffuse tension. Read comics, watch funny content on the internet and it will help ease the anxiety that is causing you to flare up.

  • Know when to seek help

Learning to control anger is a challenge. There is no embarrassment in seeking help for anger issues. If you feel that your emotions seem absolutely out of control, get in touch with a professional who can help you with proper counseling and therapy.

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