Why are we irritated?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 7, 2021

Feelings of irritation and anger are triggered by the way we interpret certain situations and react to them. Different people have their triggers for what makes them lose their temper. Some common ones can be feeling invalidated, threatened, or feeling that one is being treated unfairly.

Emotions can be somewhat considered relative. They vary from person to person. A certain situation might make a person lose his temper and get irritated, while it may not affect the other person. But just because we interpret things differently, does not mean that our interpretation is wrong.

The way with which we process our emotions and perceive the situations around us depends on our upbringing, and past experiences. Children, sometimes, think of anger as something destructive and terrifying. Because of this, they sometimes don’t feel safe expressing themselves.

As an adult too, one may not be comfortable in openly putting his thoughts on the table. The feelings which are suppressed might surface later in the form of aggression or irritation. When the feelings of anxiety and sadness are not processed healthily, they can cause anger issues later in life.

How a person responds in a specific scenario is never certain. If a person gets triggered by minor things and gets irritated easily, it is important to analyze their causes. Some of the possible ones are listed as follows:

  • Childhood and upbringing
  • Current circumstances
  • Past experiences
  • Feeling undervalued and underappreciated

Our irritation can be based on our past experiences or the present. Anger, frustration, and irritation can disrupt our peace of mind, and avoiding this issue is even worse.  Therefore, it becomes crucial for a person to deal with it. What is important is that one should know how to cope up with our emotions better.

Handling this problem is very important. Taking a walk, breathing exercises, thinking before expressing yourself and meditation can work wonders in controlling our temper. Apart from this, talking things out is beneficial. Confiding in someone can help us to vent out the unprocessed emotions. And if you feel the need to talk to someone, or ask for help, we will be more than happy to help. Contact Living in Wellbeing. We are always here for your help.

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