Why am I so scared of Loud Noises?

Dr. Purushothaman
February 23, 2020

A persistent and unjustifiable fear of loud noises is recognized as phonophobia. In such cases, loud noises and alarming sounds cause distress and anxiety to a person. This fear is more common in children as they are more sensitive towards the sound. However, adults who fear loud noises and experience a drastic behavior change because of them have a deep-rooted cause for such responses. In such cases, regular sounds like that of an alarm or a door being shut cause excessive and unexplainable reactions.

If you are scared of loud noises, it is primarily because of some incident from your past. If we tend to experience an unusual trauma or strain from a particularly loud sound, the reaction gets stored in our mind and we start responding in a similar fashion to loud noises or peculiar sounds. The body and mind react in a distinct way to keep away from the pain and suffering that was previously caused.

Phonophobia is also associated with anxiety disorders. People who are battling with anxiety tend to possess immense fear of loud noises. The loud noise adds to their discomfort and fuels anxiety in unnatural ways.

Since we are living in a situation where we are exposed to various types of external stimuli like conversations, speeches, sounds and other noises. These things are really troubleshooting and conflict producing for everybody, especially in a person with emotional instability. These loud noises can cause various negative thoughts and actions due to specific and non-specific neuronal activity. That is the reason why a majority of the people are scared loud noises. Moreover, it will decrease our mental faculties and concentration power. In such situations appropriate support, advice and help from a suitable person is highly essential. If you don’t get timely support and advice you're subject to the ill effects of loud noises and many of the associated complications which may occur in later life. Anyhow, we want to lead a happy, harmonious and peaceful life.

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