Where To Find Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Wondering where to find happiness? Finding happiness is a process of undoing and rediscovering yourself. Your life and the way that it is now are built on many judgments you have made about yourself, your surroundings, and other people. There are good judgments and bad judgments. If you have subconsciously compiled a life full of mostly bad judgments, then you won't like your life and you will seek to change your life for the better.

Life is like a lot like play doe, you can sculpt and create it with your free will. And we try to sculpt it in ways that we think will make us happy. Sometimes we discover a little bit of happiness in life and sometimes we fall and get a mouthful of dirt.

Always seeking ways to change your life and create happiness is inherently saying that you don't have happiness and therefore, you may not truly know what real happiness is. One main thing we know about happiness is that it feels good and we simply want to feel good – it really doesn't matter how or what it looks like, as long as it feels good. So why is it so hard to feel good and hence, find happiness?

It's hard because we seek from the point of view that we don't have it and we must get it from something or someone outside of ourselves. And this simply isn't true and if you don't believe me then keep seeking it out there in material things and come back when you are fed up and exhausted.
Where to find happiness is inside you and inside is how you find inner peace.

What is happiness in life? Happiness is something that is your god given right and it belongs to you every moment of every day. There is NOTHING that could ever take it from you except……..you. You are a magnificent and powerful being in your life and there is nobody that can stop you from getting what you need and that includes happiness. Look at it from this point of view; imagine that happiness is yours, a god gave right for everyone and nobody can take it from you. When you seek happiness through external things, like through a new car or relationship and your happiness is dependent on that person or thing – then your happiness can be taken from you at any given moment. The happiness rug can get pulled out from underneath you with one car crash or that person leaving your life. If happiness is in fact your god given right that can't be taken from you, then is it truly happiness that you experience through that car or relationship? It's possible when you give up your own power and place your own ability to be happy in external things outside yourself. After all, this power is yours and you can do with it as you see fit – just like play doe.

The trick is to recognize that you already have it and you always have. Happiness is a point of view and a state of being. It is independent and unswayable based on external happenings unless you have chosen to place your ability to be happy in things outside yourself.

You must tap into yourself and get to know yourself. By doing this you will reach that part of you that has always known how to choose happiness with effortless ease.

Stop wondering where to find happiness by taking your power back and refusing to place it in anything other than yourself. This doesn't mean that you can't experience joy from other people or material things; it just simply means that your happiness isn't dependent on those things. Those external things are "icing on the cake" – never the requirement to live a happy life.

Understand this and you will never wonder how to be happy in life again.

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