What's the best way to find peace after multiple Traumatic Experiences?

Dr. Purushothaman
April 1, 2020

I think we all would have faced traumatic events at least once in our life and we have the natural capacity to regain our life and we will soon start our normal life. But in some situation the person cannot easily go back to the normal life in this case if the treatment is not provided it will come as a serious issue in the later life. The courage to rebuild our life after the traumatic events is all what we need. Courage always means a positive mind. There is a saying that “You don’t have a soul, You are a soul, You only have a body”. We are just carrying our physical body as a dress to our ultimate soul. This soul need to study and the true soul cannot study without a physical body so we got dressed. These events are sometimes a lesson to your great soul. If you had traumatic event, then always try to choose a survival mode. You should always try to be happy. You are the responsible person in your life, then why you should delay your life. Forgiveness is another thing which will help you for your re-entry. Forgiveness always denotes letting go. Through this we are trying to reduce our burden.

Now we can understand that post-traumatic stress disorder and allied complaints and symptoms is becoming extremely common in all age groups. But nowadays it is becoming more evident in the adolescent sector-the reason is not yet clear. The signs and symptoms are so varied and complex. So in order to find out an appropriate solution to this miserable situation, one may have to adopt various modalities of treatment. A combination of psychotherapy, counseling, cognitive therapy and mind reprogramming, especially psycho technology is needed.

One of the best remedy for treating trauma is that just try to get advice from the experienced persons. There is a saying that “Experience is the father of the man”. Yes, they can help you a lot in recovery. Now they may be running a normal life, but once they were also in same experience what you were experiencing now. So try to talk with those people who can help you, or who can make magic in your life.

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