What your habits say about you

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Your habits say a lot about whether you are successful in life
When I first got into network marketing it seemed everyone I looked up to were successful business people already. One of my mentors was an 8th grade drop out, but he was the exception not the rule. Despite the fact many of the top producers were my mentors, I found myself saying "I can't be like those guys". I am a very intelligent person and I have great leadership qualities. I have read all the success books by all the authors; Tony Robbins, OG Mandino, Napoleon Hill, and who ever else has ever authored a book on success. But something was missing from me and all these people on stage. The answer changed my life and I hope it will change yours.
It's simple, they were habitual successes! They were in the habit of being successful so they did what it took to be successful. Now what type of habits made them a success in MLM? Here are a few; the habit of going the extra mile, the habit of talking to people with conviction, the habit of making that last call or talking to that last prospect and the habit of a life long pursuit of knowledge. There are many more. If you want to be a success, find successful habits and become their slaves!
Here is the method I have found to develop successful habits. I can't promise it will work for you, but it has worked for me.
* Take one habit at a time: It takes 30 days to change a habit, therefore in one year you can create 12 successful habits.
* Write it down: I use affirmations and when I see I'm falling back to an old habit I read that affirmations. For example, when ever I felt like smoking I would say I only put into my body what my body requires to live.
* Reward yourself: In college, for every week I would use my new habits I would reward myself with a trip to the strip club.( For some strange reason it worked when I was 21 but not at 29)
* Don't beat yourself up: If you fall back into your old habits don't beat yourself up. Just admit that you didn't succeed like you wanted to, and then congratulate yourself for being ready to change. Then go back at it.
* Be consistent! You never fail at anything until you quit. If it takes you 5 years to become financially independent, than it took you 5 years to do what most people never do.
So get into the habit of using magnetic sponsoring and whatever other habits you want to create and make 2009 the best year of your life!

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