What Makes A True Friendship?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 11, 2023

At some stage of life, you all must have questioned your friendship. It is normal to do that as you want to know what they mean to you. There would be stages in your life when your friends would let you down or hurt you emotionally. This is the time when you should not take bad decisions and rather think about what defines a true friend. In this article, we list down some points which can help you to determine what makes a true friendship.

  • A true friend is someone who will always stand up for you. When others try to hurt you physically or emotionally, they will always stand in your support and make sure that you are safe. They will defend you anytime and anywhere. A true friend will always avoid saying negative things about you to other people and not just merely stand by you silently when other people are tearing you down.
  • True friends act as a mirror with you. They will tell you who you are in real and do not hesitate to present their honest opinions about you. When a true friend does not find things right, they speak up on your face and help you in improving.
  • A true friend will accept you as you are. They will always encourage you to be yourself rather than becoming someone else. They accept you howsoever you are and help you in becoming a better version of yourself. They respect boundaries and value your thoughts and feelings.
  • A true friend will always want what is best for you. They will give you feedback that you do not want but it can help you in becoming a better person. They acknowledge your feelings and want you to be a happier person. They help you in making those choices in life which will make you healthier and happier.
  • A true friend will never abandon you. They will stay with you during disappointments, mental health crises, traumas and physical illness. They care about how you feel and what you are going through. A real friend may not be with you when you are happy and successful but he will be always there when your life is more challenging and you are finding it hard to deal with.

The above mentioned are some of the qualities that you will find in a true friend. Aristotle once described a true friend as a "single soul dwelling in two bodies". What differentiates a true friend from others is the habits and genuineness the friend possesses. They are more like a family than anyone else. It is their love and bond that keeps you close.

Without friends, life is not possible. Their kindness, genuineness and other characteristics help in making you a better version of yourself. Friends are the greatest gift ever. If at any point in life, you feel low or depressed about your friendships, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors and involve yourself in motivational and inspirational talk with us.

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