What Is Unconditional Forgiveness?

Dr. Purushothaman
June 4, 2023

We all have been through many ups and downs in our lives. There have been occasions when we have been let down by people unintentionally and on some occasions, people have hurt us intentionally. During such times our emotions and thought process are at a peak. Sometimes we end up making decisions or taking actions that should have been avoided in such situations. One thing that is least popular in such times and many would avoid is unconditional forgiveness. In this article, we will learn about what unconditional forgiveness is and what effect it can have on your life.

What Is The Meaning Of Unconditional Forgiveness?

Unconditional forgiveness can be said to be a belief where you forgive people out of kindness and do not think whether they will change their behaviour or not. All the religions of the world follow this belief and want humans to forgive other human beings without thinking that the person who is forgiven will repent or not.

There are many benefits of unconditional forgiveness, let us learn about them.

Benefits of Unconditional Forgiveness

  • Research shows that when you forgive people unconditionally it leads to better physical health. Better heart health is one of the supreme benefits of forgiveness. Studies have shown that people who can unconditionally forgive people have a lower risk of heart attack, reduced blood pressure and better cholesterol levels. Such people also experience better and sound sleep.
  • Studies indicate that people who can unconditionally forgive others not only have better physical health but also good mental health. Such people experience less anxiety and depression. Also, the stress levels among the people who can forgive others are much lower. Moreover, people who can forgive others do not suffer from traumatic stress and hold on to grudges when someone hurts them.
  • People who can forgive others have improved relationships. The better you are at forgiving others, the better is your relationship. Having a good relationship is one of the main benefits of unconditional forgiveness. People who unconditionally forgive others think that even they make mistakes regularly and people with whom they share close bonds deserve their unconditional forgiveness. Grace and forgiveness act as one of the main ingredients of a relationship.
  • When people forgive unconditionally, they heal quickly. Forgiving someone is the first step towards healing. A person cannot heal while holding resentment and bitterness towards another person.
  • Unconditional forgiveness gives you freedom. It relieves you from the heavy burden and makes you feel better. When you keep holding the grudges, it affects you in every activity of life and wears you down. When you chose not to forgive other people, you are hurting yourself more than anyone else.

The above are some of the benefits of unconditional forgiveness. Sometimes it might become difficult for you to choose the path of unconditional forgiveness when you are hurt by others. But we encourage you to choose forgiveness. It helps you to live in the present with many other benefits. If at any point in life, you feel low or depressed when someone has hurt you, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors and involve yourself in motivational and inspirational talk with us.

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