What is the Fear of not being included in a group called?

Dr. Purushothaman
February 9, 2020

The fear of not being included in a group is called social anxiety disorder or social phobia. A person with social anxiety or phobia finds himself/herself vulnerable in front of other people. They experience a fear of being judged or negatively evaluated by others, or being rejected in a social situation. Therefore, they prefer to isolate from a group or social gathering, hoping that this isolation will save them from embarrassment and public humiliation.

The Problem of Social Phobia is really a matter of a concern in the present time. Actually the incidents are increasing very much. Many of the persons, irrespective of their age, sex, social status and the profession are really hiding this problem due to many reasons. The majority of the victims of this disorder are not seeking proper guidance and support from appropriate sources. The reasons are many. But currently more and more young persons are coming forward for support and help. Actually, this so called Social Phobia blocks the forward progress and success of many budding professionals. It really creates great negative impact in their future, career and success.

Social anxiety disorder can be caused by environmental as well as genetic/biological factors. It affects a person with the disorder in many ways, some of which are immediate while some are long term.
Remember, avoiding or ignoring people is not the solution to the problem. The solution lies in taking the help of a specialist and undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy. An expert understands the problem well and knows how to treat it effectively. Now the recent advances in psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and the like modalities are really changing the attitude and approach of young person suffering from this situation.

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