What is the best way to cope with Suffering?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2019

Suffering happens to everyone and we all experience it at some or the other point in life in various capacities. It is an inevitable part of life. It may be due to depression, loneliness, loss or abuse.

Some of you might be in the hospital because of illness, or may be suffering severe depression because you are not able to find a good job for yourself, or might be heartbroken because of the end of a loving relationship, or may be suffering financial difficulties. We all have our own stories about suffering and we all suffer somehow or the other.

Although we may not be able to avoid these sufferings, we can definitely deal with them. And, how we deal with suffering makes all the difference. So, let us see what the ways to cope with suffering are.

  • Learn To Accept
  • Learn to accept your situation. Accepting the consequences of suffering or trauma with practical thinking can border your thinking perspective and vision. You need to adjust to the new reality with its limitations. Constantly thinking about how your life was before the suffering will only act as an obstacle to moving forward.

  • Wear a Smile
  • It is said that sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but many times your smile can be the source of your joy. Therefore, it is important to smile, even when you don’t feel it inside. Smile has its own power of healing. It motivates the mind to feel happy from inside.

  • Take a Break From Your Routine
  • When we are wholly involved in our daily life, we cannot seem to think of anything else and are obsessed with our situation. Escape from the everyday rut of life and try to experience something new and fresh every day. It gives a break to your mind and involves you in better things. You can head for a beach vacation, or take a dance class or practice yoga or meditation.

  • Talk to People
  • We are humans and we all need support and love from each other. Try to be around people who are your well-wishers and with whom you can talk to about how you feel. The emotional support you get from your family and friends helps a lot in coping with sufferings.

  • Seek Professional Help
  • You can visit a therapist or a counselor, seek help. They have the required expertise and experience to deal with such situations. They will analyze your situation and guide you the correct line of treatment.

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