What is Kundalini meditation

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


Yoga refers to a set of physical and mental exercises that tends to unite the body,mind and the soul. The five thousand years old science of yoga has lived through generations because of the immense benefits that mankind has derived from it. Any yoga forms, be it Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, it helps a person in re-inventing oneself, making the person healthy, happy and holy. Yoga derives from the Sanskrit word, "Yuj" meaning "to unite" or "unity". The unity here is the union of the body and the mind. Meditation, one of the important aspects of yoga, is a discipline through which a person becomes more aware of his inner self.
Music has a profound effect on the psyche of the human being. Since time immemorial, music and yoga are intrinsically related to each other. Music has many therapeutic qualities aside from general relaxation and stress relief. And in the realms of yoga, music is known to create a quiet and inspiring atmosphere. Spirit Voyage, an online music company, has an extensive collection of yoga and meditation music CDs and DVDs in store.
Kundalini meditation is a very integral part of Kundalini Yoga session and help a person to re-establish with one's rhythm and enables a person to talk to the higher self and appreciate the unique life. A daily round of Kundalini meditation cleanses the mind and helps us in avoiding the mistakes and focus all our energies while becoming happier and staying clear in our subconscious. The human mind witnesses around 50,000 different emotions and thoughts in a single day. Controlling all of them is simply impossible. Meditation lets a person be in tune with the thoughts and let the emotions be without interfering in the daily life. This enables the person to deal with stress and at the same time, interact with others. Spirit Voyage has a wide range of meditation music CDs which help a person to de-stress. Into Grace by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa and Gratitude by David and Steve Gordon are two such CDs which will surely make one find oneself again.
The perfect place to practice Kundalini meditation is a comfortable location which is quiet and neither too hot nor too cold. Sitting on something supportive but soft is advisable. Most practitioners use sheep skin or good quality Yoga mats. People with rigid body are advised to use a yoga and meditation cushion to relieve pressure from their lower spine. Yoga mats enable a person to carry out different Yoga poses with utmost ease, subtracting the fear of loosing the balance while performing the different poses. They also aid the person in keeping the positive energies generated in the body during the yoga and meditation session and prevent it getting neutralized by coming to the contact of the earth. The positive energies are there in the body much after the session is over, all because of proper Yoga Mats. The perfect period of practicing Kundalini Meditation is anytime when a person is alert. Experienced meditators prefer morning 4-8am so that the energy stays with them throughout the day. Some also practice the meditation round just before going to sleep so as to un-clutter their minds for a deep sleep. Another vital component of the meditation routine is the use of proper Yoga clothes. The material used to create the clothes enable a person to perform the meditations in a perfect way. Many practitioners believe that meditation is a process to connect with higher self and they believe in clothes that honor this. The Yoga clothes on offer from Spirit Voyage are light, durable and are perfect for any Yoga routine.
Understanding Kundalini yoga is a very important thing. Kundalini Yoga, the technology behind it can only be understood through proper guidance and under proper mentality. The Yoga DVD collection from our site will surely make understanding Kundalini Yoga, a much easier affair. Flow yoga for Beginners by Shiva Rea, Kundalini Yoga to Detox by Maya Fiennes, Add Grace and prosperity with Kundalini Yoga by Nirvair Singh Khalsa are those Yoga DVDs which will surely make you at one with yourself.
Kundalini meditation is all about getting to know oneself better and handling the day to day challenges in a much better way. The meditation routine will surely make you healthier, happier and holier. Rediscover yourself today.
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