What is EFT ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 2, 2014

Have you been trying to use the Law of Attraction to manifest a new car, money, love or happiness into your life, with no success? Have you tried the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT.

In my own search for cleansing, I came across the Emotional Freedom Technique. As I pursued deeper into EFT, I also found many leaders in the Law of Attraction movement touting EFT as a way to clear negative beliefs preventing intentions from manifesting in our lives, due to sub-conscious beliefs. I have also read many articles from people who have used EFT to eliminate medical conditions that have plagued them for years, and were told by their doctors there was no known cure and they would need medication for life to eliminate pain or symptoms of the condition, such as migraine headaches, irritable bowl syndrome, and chronic pain. I have read of EFT practitioners helping clients overcome lifelong fears and phobias.

In EFT, also known as tapping, cures center on the six energy meridians in your body - above your eyebrows, temples, chest, under the nose, choler bone and under the arm pits. While in many other belief clearing techniques the focus is on using positive self-talk, affirmations or focusing on what you want, when setting up an EFT session the client is asked to accept, feel and acknowledge that feeling, condition or belief they want to eliminate. While this is counter to what other techniques suggest, doing this reduces the resistance to holding on to the belief, thus allowing the body to let go or release whatever the client wants to clear. In many instances, it is found that what the client wants to release turns out to be a symptom itself and not the main issue. Once the main issue is revealed and released, the symptom(s) once thought to be the issue tend to disappear leaving the client with a sense of peace.

You can practice the Emotional Freedom Technique either by yourself or with the help of a licensed or certified EFT practitioner.
About the Author

As a student of the Law of Attraction, Ken Weiss successfully used many of the techniques recommended by the teachers in The Secret to clear stress, anxiety and insomnia from his life, without the use of prescription medications, and has successfully manifested many things into his life. One of these methods is the Emotional Freedom Technique. This lead Ken to start http://www.menshealthcures.com to promote natural cures and remedies for men's health issues.

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