What is astrology - meaning of astrology in modern times

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Astrology is a part of the Vedas. In ancient India, our gurus had attained intuitive power, foresight through their perpetual worship. Also because of this foresight, they predict the future of a person on the basis of the movement of planets. In ancient times, education could be attained in Gurukul in which astrology study was compulsory and due to this, we are able to get this knowledge.

Astrology can be divided into three parts. (a)SIDDHANT which is related to science.(b) SAHINTA which is related to madani astrology {for example incidents of states, things happening in this world, or human beings. (c) HORA, related with the incidents happening in the lives of human beings.

Our gurus or maharishis have attained devik gyaan. After which they practiced it for the welfare of human beings. Whatever we have in Hindu astrology is all because of these rishis, whose rules hold of great importance in today’s era too. The names of these rishis are Vashishth, Vyas, Vramihir, Kalidas, Prashar, Venkatesh, Nilkhanth, Jaidev, Ganpati, Satyacharya, Geminii and many more.

Through astrology, astrologers can predict or foretell the events in future related to bad or good omen(shagun or apshagun. While bad omen can be controlled by simple solutions (upaya). So, the astrologer can foretell or give a hint with regard to all this. Except God who can tell the exact future? Nobody…

Using astrology in predictions is considered an artwork for a reason. Not only must the astrology skilled interpret the delivery chart and the current astrological phenomena, but the astrology, horoscope , numerology, birth horoscope knowledge should additionally interpret any astrological phenomena that will have altered the character of the person over time. Amazingly, life altering events can usually be seen utilizing astrology readings from the time of the event.

Many main events in historical past will also be marked by astrology readings. For example, the fall of the Roman Empire was marked via astrological phenomena. The horror at 9-11 as well as the destruction of the twin towers was also awaited from those that study astrology. Even the beginning of Christ was marked in astrological phenomena.

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