What Causes Stress?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


If you live in our modern society, you may not know what causes stress but you will certainly be aware of the existence of stress in your life. Stress and anxiety can be a killer for modern people, so it is important that we not only try to find a stress remedy but that we also discover what causes stress in our lives.
Discovering What Causes Stress
It is often difficult to discover what causes stress in our lives, even though the potential causes are all around us every day. However, when you are wrapped up in a situation, it is often difficult to establish what causes stress. It is very often a case of being unable to see the forest for the trees, but until we discover what causes stress in our lives we cannot work to reduce the influence and affect that these situations have on our health, our feeling of well-being and our relationships.
It is important that we discover what causes stress in our work environment, our social environment and most importantly in our family environment. Remember that these areas are not isolated, but they all intertwine and incorrect, causing each anxiety to feed the next to increase our overall level of stress. Discovering what causes stress in each of these areas is a good starting point to reduce its effects on how life.
Recognizing What Causes Stress
Recognizing what causes stress can often be a more difficult task than discovering it. Often times what causes stress is right under your nose, but we failed to see it and recognize it for what it really is.
Relationships can be wonderful, but they can also be an incredible source of anxiety. Our view of relationships is often tempered by our love or dislike for a particular person. In a situation like this is not so much about discovering but rather recognizing what causes stress, because very often it is the ones we love who cause us the most anxiety in our lives. This can be true about partners, children, parents, friends or coworkers, and it is important to look beyond our love or feelings for an individual to see what causes stress in our life generate from that person.
Reducing What Causes Stress In Our Lives
Of course the main reason for discovering and recognizing what causes stress in our lives is to find a way to deal with it effectively. This may involve removing a particular person or situation from our lives, or taking steps to limit the amount of anxiety caused by this person or situation. It may mean balancing of time and effort we put into certain situations to make sure that what causes stress is decreased in its effectiveness.
In our modern society, what causes stress in our lives is so varied that it is often impossible to remove or reduce the anxiety caused by that person or situation. When this is the case, it is wise to vary other aspects of our life such as diet, exercise and our ability to relax, and that is where stress remedy aids such as relaxation CDs, inspirational books and movies can be very helpful. The most important thing to remember is that, once we know what causes stress in our lives, we must act to reduce it.

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