What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 9, 2023

Meditation is gaining popularity due to its many benefits. It is a habitual process that trains your minds and redirects your thoughts. Meditation is often looked upon as a way of reducing stress and increasing concentration. There are many benefits that are associated with meditation. In this article, we list down some of the benefits of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Many people indulge in meditation because it reduces stress. Meditation relieves mental and physical stress. It helps in reducing the stress hormone level in the human body. Stress has many side effects on the human body and by doing meditation regularly you can overcome all such disorders.
  • Since meditation reduces stress levels it helps in controlling anxiety. As per research, it is found that doing meditation regularly can help to reduce anxiety significantly. Meditation helps in training the mind to avoid anxious thoughts and keeps you away from depression.
  • If anyone is addicted to drugs and alcohol, meditation can help in overcoming it. Mindful meditation can help in managing your addiction and cravings. Meditation helps in training the mind in such a way that it regulates how a brain experiences pleasure.
  • Studies have found that meditation helps in lowering down negative thoughts and improving the emotional health of the person. Several studies suggest that meditation also reduces depression by reducing the levels of inflammatory chemical cytokines.
  • Meditation helps in developing self awareness and understanding yourself better. It helps in growing yourself to the best. It helps you in identifying harmful or self defeating thoughts and overcoming them. When you start knowing yourself it is the first sign of positive changes.
  • Meditation helps in improving attention and improving clarity of mind. It keeps your mind young. Studies have shown the people who do meditation regularly face lesser age old memory loss. Therefore, to boost your memory, meditation is one of the best ways.
  • Mediation helps in increasing positive feelings which makes you kind towards yourself and others. Metta is a type of meditation that is also known as loving kindness meditation. This type of meditation begins by developing kind thoughts and feeling towards yourself.
  • At some point in life, we all struggle with insomnia. Many studies have found that people who do regular meditation are able to control or redirect thoughts that lead to insomnia. Therefore, meditation not only shortens the time taken to fall asleep but also improves the quality of sleep.
  • Pain is often a perception of the mind and it can get worse when combined with a stressful mind. Researchers have found that by introducing meditation into your daily routine you can control your pain. Meditation decreases the perception of pain in the brain and helps in its treatment along with medical care or physical therapy.

The above mentioned are some of the benefits of meditation. Meditation has many benefits that range from physical to mental and emotional health. If you want to focus, get rid of addiction, reduce stress, or any other problem, you can get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors.

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