What Are Some Psychological Facts That People Don't Know?

Dr. Purushothaman
March 19, 2023

Knowing someone personally and knowing a lot of facts about a person has many differences. Suppose you like a celebrity says The Rock, you might be knowing a lot of facts about his life like which school he went, his favourite things, his best movies, etc. But you cannot say you know him. You can assume to be knowing him but in reality, you just know about the facts of his life.

Also knowing someone can be through gossip or hearsay. Here you get to know about someone by their deeds or activities. People make claims about some person and you come to know about them. The claims don't need to be accurate. When you come to know about someone through some third person, it is advisable to not believe them blindly.

Knowing someone personally is altogether a different thing in comparison to knowing facts about a person. When you know someone personally, you have met that person in your real life and had spent time with them. People like parents, friends, relatives, etc. are the ones you know personally. When you know people, you can approach them directly and talk to them. This is not possible when you know anyone with just facts.

Thus, it should be clear that knowing facts about a person and knowing someone personally are very different from each other. Often people's likeness towards celebrities or any iconic personality make them believe that they know them personally. This happens because they connect themselves with such personalities.

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