Visualize Success

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Visualizing success is something that athletes are famous for. Actors and actresses are known for seeing themselves in the role that they are endeavoring to play. It is one of the keys to success. Visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams come true. It can improve our life and attract success and prosperity. This power can change our environment and circumstances, cause events to happen, and attract money, possessions, work, people and love into our life. Visualization is a power to success and utilizes the power of the mind.
You can visualize certain event or a situation, or an object, such as a car, a house, furniture etc; you can attract it into our life. It is a process that is similar to daydreaming. This is not a kind of any magic it is simple an imagination that brings your dream come true. The people who use this technique in their everyday affairs they are actually using this type of power. Every successful person uses it. Try it, it attracts the success they want into their life, by visualizing their goals as already accomplished.
An experiment was conducted at a major university, which illustrates this point. They instructed their basketball players to separate into two groups. These two groups were roughly equal in their free-throw shooting capabilities. Each group was allowed to practice shooting for a given amount of time. The first group shot with a real basketball at the hoop. The second group, on the other hand, was required to practice without a ball. They were required to visualize themselves shooting and making the free throw. After the test was completed, and the numbers were reviewed, an astounding fact was discovered: those who had merely visualized themselves making the free throws, as opposed to actually practicing, showed the greater rate of improvement.
Your mind is more powerful than you give it credit for. It has been said, we use less than 10% of our brains abilities. Channel your energy for 20 minutes per day every day towards changing your self-concept. Take 10 minutes every morning before you get out into the world and tell yourself you are great! Tell yourself you are successful no matter what it is that you want to accomplish. Take 10 minutes before you go to sleep at night to do the same as you did that morning. You will be shocked. Your productivity will increase and you will start to become what you tell yourself you are.
Creating visualization is really good, though for every person have some aspects of their life which seem hard to change in near future. The power of visualization is a mighty power and natural process. It has some limitations but these are within us. The problem with people is that they just limit their selves and cannot look beyond a limited circle. We limit ourselves by our thoughts and beliefs. Keep in mind that more open-minded people can more bigly we dare to think, the greater are our opportunities and possibilities. Limitations are within our minds, we can rise above them by putting some effort.
This change can take time until things start to alter to your desires. Simple, small demonstrations of this power may come fast, but bigger results may need a longer time to happen. The time and effort put forth in this process are really worthwhile. Have faith and patience and results will start appearing.
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