Using The Creative Mind Power To Solve Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

The great difference between the big winners in life and almost everyone else lies in their skill and capacities in solving problems. And you could be one of these big winners, too! Like them, you came out into this universe prepared and provided with the natural and inherent power in solving these problems. Our subconscious mind, which is the seat of our feelings and emotions, is the important aspect to everything. And you just have to learn how to tap your creative mind power to deal and manage your problems and difficulties successfully. As a matter of fact, it is very possible for you in programming and orienting your mental computer to face and deal any problems which you might come across.

Therefore, if you would be able to unlock your creative mind power, you would then be able to control it to your infinite good. Two of the world’s geniuses like Thomas Edison and Sir Isaac Newton, are great examples of how they learned to utilize the power of their creative minds. In the case of Thomas Edison, the amazing amount of persistence he exhibited and demonstrated in his quest to invent and bring about the electric bulb is a legendary feat. But in spite of numerous obstacles, he was unfazed and never flustered because he was always convinced that each problem has a solution.

According to the official biographer of Sir Isaac Newton, the exceptionally talented physicist and mathematician had a unique gift: he possessed the skill and capability in holding a problem continuously in his thoughts until he had seen it through. Sir Isaac Newton shared the same mindset with Thomas Edison; he knew all problems had solutions. He also knew and realized that all he needed to do in order to reach and come to a practicable solution was through the power of his creative mind. You can also learn how to tap your creative mind power and may become a genius.

Or, you could, at least perform or function like one. The potential to become a genius is there. When we are focusing on our problems, the preoccupation with them enlarges them to proportions vastly larger than they are in reality. It might take some time in solving our problems, and the solutions might not be precisely be pleasurable and comfortable. When we hit creative mind power in order to look for a solution, then the problem would be solved. Actually, practical and effective solutions oftentimes need you to invest added effort to carry them out. But when you use your creative mind power, you will see that great solutions to the problems are just there all the while.

There are strategies and techniques to help you develop and enhance your natural innate competencies to conquer any problem you would ever come across. It could never be said frequently enough: you have within you the skill and power in solving each and every problem. When you have adopted this firm belief that you can hurdle any challenge, then you have finally reached the beginning on the path to successful living.

By: Amy Twain

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