Upgrade Your Marketing Skill To Stay Effective, Efficient, And Relative

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

While visiting my parents over the holiday season, I thought about the importance of online entrepreneurs continually upgrading marketing skills to be relevant and effective. It sounds like a random, off the cuff thought. I probably should elaborate a bit.

So, I go up to my parents computer room and jump on the Internet to send a broadcast message to my list, check email, and handle some other business. And before I know it 20 minutes has passed, and I have yet for a page to even load...hmmm...the frustration is mounting. Oh, did I mention my parents still have DIAL UP INTERNET SERVICE...what?!
Yes, I did say dial up internet service!!
And I should say that I love my parents with all my heart, and they get a pass on this one since they have little interest in the internet/computers past playing solitaire and this addictive Vegas casino program.
By the way, I get stuck playing for hours every time, so I understand.
Anyway, this short story proves the point about the importance of upgrading marketing skill to stay effective, efficient, and relative.
Part of being a good marketer, a good business person, a good leader of your team is being on the cutting edge in knowledge and skills. I was on a training by Mark Hoverson recently, and he said it in a way that made perfect sense. He said (in reference to a training on closing), you need this training because it's an upgrade to the software in your brain...some of you are still operating (business thinking and skill set wise) with Windows 95 thinking and you need to download this information to your mind to upgrade your personal operating system to Windows 7.
And It's so true that many online entrepreneurs say they want success and fortune, but many fail to take even the necessary action of upgrading their knowledge and skill set. Or, it's done in a way of trying to take the cheaper route or easier road. We see a training, system, or tool we need and we try and find a similar free and less effective version. And not that everything that is free is not effective or good. Also, I'm not saying buy everything that hits the market either, rather buy things that make sense for your strategy to market and build your business.
And equally important, develop yourself to develop others. Upgrade your marketing skill, your mindset, your attitude, your knowledge, eventually upgrade your bottom line.

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