Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

The world is stuffed with problems—disease, pollution, poverty, ignorance, spiritual confusion, war, crime, fights, hunger, slavery, oppression, unwanted political upheaval and far a lot of. With the passing of your time come back a lot of issues, not less. Also, existing issues grow together worse rather than higher.

Individually, folks haven't appeared a lot of incapable of addressing and overcoming their personal issues. Like the planet generally, the passing of your time finds people associated families drowning underneath an ever-worsening ocean of abasement and on the face of it insurmountable difficulties. A lot of and a lot of appearing fully incapable of managing their lives.

Men have created several wonderful technological inventions, however they can not produce solutions to their issues. Man has controlled the facility of computers to assist method immense amounts of data, however persons cannot properly method their personal issues. Scientists have discovered abundant regarding the scale, magnificence and exactitude of the universe, however they cannot discover the thanks to peace.

Astronomers will notice majestic, stunning new galaxies throughout the universe, however they can not notice how to preserve the wonder and impressiveness of earth. Scientists have conjointly unleashed the facility of the atom, however they're impotent to unleash answers to life’s greatest queries. Educators have educated millions a way to earn a living, however not a way to live.
In the long ribbon of history, life has been one long stained and tangled mess, filled with famine, horror, war and sickness. We have a tendency to should have thought we had a tendency to have it higher as a result of man had improved. However man doesn’t vary ‘improve,’ will he? Man is man. Attribute is human nature; the impulse to destroy coexists with the will build} and make and make higher.

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