Types of Meditation - No Head Stands Or Crossed Legs For Me

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014

There are various types of meditation, from meditation for beginners, through to free guided meditation and self meditation. Ahhh, if only I could get the internal chattering to stop and both eyes to stay shut!
Some types of meditation are silent, some are accompanied with a sound like OOOOMMMMM, to help focus your mind and breath, so it doesn't wonder off to compile your grocery list! I have tried learning meditation but didn't have much luck, for this very reason. It is very hard to quieten the mind and my mental grocery list ended up being quite long!
Learning meditation is a very healthy thing to do. Your mind eventually enjoys switching off and your body can relax, taking some time out to rest and heal.

There are different types of meditation positions you can use. Some sit on the floor or use a meditation chair, with back straight and feet on the floor. Others lay down to do their meditation exercises...sometimes with a meditation timer, so they don't nod off for hours - now there is a tempting thought!

Visualisation is also popular. Women visualise themselves as well and healthy. Whilst doing their meditation exercises, they see themselves in their mind as complete and with great health and happiness. So how does this relate to symptoms of breast cancer? By learning meditation, it allows your body and mind to slow down and feel the moment, tuning into your health. Mindful meditation allows you to meditate, yet be fully aware of what is around you. Deep and spiritual meditation or massage, is thought to help bring you into balance, boasting your immune system and helping with fatigue and emotional moods that may come with breast cancer.
My meditation tips would be to lock the door, turn off chattering radios and tv's, wear loose clothing, be in a place you feel relaxed to be in, put your meditation timer on, and whilst doing deep belly breaths, repeat a phrase or word to help prevent your brain from wondering off. Choose one of your favourite meditation positions, play some quiet gentle music if you prefer, and try very hard to not compile your mental grocery list!
About the Author
Suzanne Early
Suzie likes to share down to earth, easy to understand information on breast cancer basics, with warmth and sensitivity. Having a friend with breast cancer and a career in Adult Education, Suzie wants to raise awareness so women will be encouraged and empower themselves, becoming proactive in their breast health. Early detection is key!

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