Try These Simple Tips for Preventing Hernia

Dr. Purushothaman
February 21, 2018

Our abdominal organs are in charge of digesting and excreting the waste and excess particles from the body. It is crucial for the organs to function properly as bad digestion can harm the body. These organs are supported or backed by a muscular wall. In case, the wall breaks or slips aside, it can cause a condition called Hernia. It is a painful disease and can take some time to cure. The doctors will prescribe methods and medicines to cure it. However, if one takes a few nutrition tips and natural remedies, they can get rid of the pain in a shorter span of time.

What are the symptoms of Hernia?

The hernia is of three types, i.e. inguinal, hiatal and umbilical. The symptoms may vary for each type and it is important to take notice of the symptoms and get the medications as prescribed to avoid pain and discomfort. For all types, the pain in the stomach is similar.

  1. Inguinal Hernia- The symptoms of this type are mainly- a bulge when found in the pelvic bone usually indicates that one may be suffering from inguinal hernia. If the bulge is painful, one must understand that they need a doctor’s help and good medication. One may feel intense pain and nausea when the bulge arises.

  2. Hiatal Hernia- In this type of hernia, one feels a chest ache, stomach pain and a loss of appetite. Apart from these symptoms, one may suffer from blood vomiting and anemia. On days that pass by with this disease, one may suffer from coughing and wheezing. Fatigue has also quite commonly noticed in people.

  3. Umbilical Hernia- when one suffers from umbilical hernia, they feel a deep pain in the abdomen, vomiting and may even suffer from constipation. Other symptoms include fever.

Causes of Hernia

Hernia can be caused due to a two main reasons. It can be due to either weakness of the muscles or even by straining of the muscles. Muscles of the abdominal organs or the tissues are pushed when the muscles are not able to hold them to the right position. This can be due to chronic cough, age, and any kind of abdominal surgery or the low strength of the abdominal walls.

Muscle straining can also result in a hernia. Strained muscles will add in a lot of pressure to the body. This is usually felt when a person is pregnant, experiences constipation, lifts heavy load, gain lots of weight or when he/she experiences continuous cough.

Natural remedies and cure for Hernia

The types of hernia and their medications may vary, but a few tips can help each person from getting relief and that in turn helps cure hernia faster. Follow the tips given below for help.

  • Maintain weight- The weight may increase rapidly as the digestion system is not working well. Gaining weight will add to trouble and make treatment difficult. A few exercises daily can help keep weight under control.

  • Drink water – it is important to keep your body hydrated. Water can help pass the waste food to the intestines and helps relieve constipation. No matter what the person goes through, they must never reduce the water intake.

  • Quit smoking and drinking- We are all aware that regular smoking and drinking has a major side effect on our bodies. When one suffers from a hernia, they must put a complete stop or ban to smoking and drinking. Both will only cause further pain and discomfort and reduce the medication effects. A healthy food guide can further help solve the pain.

Our body gives us signals as soon as we may be getting affected from an ailment. We must understand our body and never ignore the signals and symptoms. We can control the ailment at the initial stage if we understand our body. A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy life.

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