Top 7 Ways To Happiness

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Research has proved that, "happiness is like a cholesterol level- genetically influenced but also influenced by the things we do." Study shows that financial status, external circumstances and life events account for no more than 15 percent of our happiness quotient, thus the true way to happiness lies within us. In other words, we can develop a sunnier disposition by changing our attitude and introducing certain activities or changes into out lives. Consequently, the seven ways to happiness, are:
1. Find a solution. According to psychologists, the biggest difference between happy and unhappy people is that happy people think of solutions, not problems. For instance, if you are broke days before your pay day or your weekend getaway has been cancelled, don't fret. One of the best ways to happiness is to keep smiling and remain happy. Finding a solution not only boosts your confidence and adds enthusiasm to your spirit it also bolsters your ability to bounce back from everyday adversity without a "woe-is-me" mentality.
2. Put on a happy face. It is strange but very true: studies have proven that just pretending to be cheerful, speaking in a happy tone, and walking confidently can actually trigger joy. This is one of the simplest ways to happiness.
3. Invent challenges. Research has shown that turning dull and mundane tasks into challenges can make life look and feel excellent. Inventing challenges for ourselves is one of the greatest ways to happiness. Just by meeting a deadline, pleasing your boss or pushing yourself forward and working harder, will put you on a high and make you feel very energised and happy.
4. Eat breakfast. According to dieticians, one of the smartest ways to happiness is to start your day with a balanced meal which includes protein and carbohydrates. If you skip breakfast you essentially deny your body a chance to kick-start the day positively and this adversely affects your mood and emotions.
5. Exercising. Exercising boosts our mood and makes us feel energised and happier. However, studies have proved that exercising near others, for instance, running in a park or on a treadmill near someone improve our mood more than being out alone. Watching others inspires us to work out harder and longer, making us feel more committed to the activity, which in turn helps us feel better.
6. Instil a sense of purpose. One of the easiest ways to happiness is to instil a sense of purpose or give a meaning to our life. Research at an American University has found that having a sense of purpose is a significant predictor of happiness and life satisfaction. To create a vision of what is meaningful, it is important to ask yourself what is it that makes you happy, what matters most to you or what do you want to be remembered for.
7. Penning your thoughts. Psychiatrists believe that jotting down bad feelings, memories, or stressful thoughts on paper can help us get out of depression faster. This is one of the effortless ways to happiness.

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