To What Extent Is It Possible To Show Respect Or Tolerance And Still Disagree?

Dr. Purushothaman
May 28, 2023

You all have been in situations where things got on our nerves. Sometimes you were able to control your feelings but sometimes you vent out everything. People often confuse respect and tolerance when such situations take place. Respect and tolerance are very different from each other. The differences are often discussed and debated. In this article, you will learn about various aspects of respect and tolerance.

Respect and tolerance often sound the same but they are different from each other. Respect is shown when you like some stuff done by others and acknowledge it whereas tolerance is about accepting what stuff other person is doing without liking or disliking it. When you show respect you like things how they are done and you may participate too. The same may not be the case with tolerance as it is just an acceptance of things that are done. Tolerance is like you neither approve nor disapprove but you do not mind the things that are being done.

However, in recent times the definition of tolerance is changing in the minds of people. Many now view tolerance as allowing others to do things that they find offensive. It is the approach that is visible in almost the whole section of society. People believe that if they are tolerant they are granting permission to other people to do offensive things.

The question that arises is to what extent you can show respect or tolerance and still disagree. The answer will vary from person to person and upon their thinking. However, any disagreement made without harming others or taking the law of the land in the hands is acceptable. Disagreeing is the fundamental right of a person but it must be done within certain boundaries. When you show disagreement by crossing the boundaries, it leads to chaotic and unpleasant results. Therefore, disagreement is not a problem if done in the right way.

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