To Know Soft Skills and Technical Skills - Train the Trainer

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

This course is perfect for those wishing to work in the field of training and growth or those who wish to take up a training position within their organization. The Training Course will grow an awareness of the setting for training and growth, and the key subjects that influence on its preparation and transfer. The course was designed to be learner attentive and to use revolutionize teaching methods to assist you learn about instructive models, while emerging a considerate of how to apply them in practice.

A distinctive training covers the subsequent subjects:
o Training management
o Values of adult learning
o Use training assistances
o Rudimentary Simplification skills
o Treatment difficult participants
o Abilities for training with activities
o Power point training
The aim of the Train the Trainer course is to familiarize participants to the rudimentary awareness and skills of training and education. These courses are thought by trainers whose job is to transfer exact abilities to their course attendees. The trainer needs to know the subject matter very well and in order to know a subject well enough to train it, a trainer frequently needs to have proficient experience or knowledge at a much higher level than the level they are training.

The Aim of the Course is to:

o Grow and implement suitable valuation approaches
o Comprehend different learning styles
o Design, deliver and assess training programmes
o Recognize the roles and processes of learning and training
o Evaluate different methods to training
o Work efficiently with a range of learner groups
o Escalate the significance of training on an individual, social and economic level

Good training is about much more than merely conveying awareness. IISS Global training courses assist Trainers grow the structure, abilities and self-assurance to train others successfully. Successful completion of such training course can consent an individual to establish obligation to quality and assist to prove to staff, customers and other stakeholders for example, that you have people within your firm that have achieved familiar values of attainment.
This course is suggested for:

o Trainers
o Instructors

The ability to train others is a significant ability in addition to knowing the subject matter, whether soft skills or technical skills. A trainer needs to be clear and self-assured in their delivery, and know how to build and preserve relationship throughout the training session. IISS Global will provide you with the tools and methods to be an exceptional trainer.

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