Tips For Panic Attacks - 3 Of My Best!

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014


Panic attacks can and will wreck your life. When you are in an attack at the moment it can be hell on earth. And when you aren't in an attack at the moment you will be worrying that one could start any minute.
These are some of the best tips for panic attacks that I found. They helped me.
Few things can make a mess of a business meeting faster than an attack. And did you ever get an attack while driving?
And, If it has never happened to you imagine the complications when a panic attack starts during a job interview!
I had a long struggle with panic attacks for six years, and, while I didn't find a cure until near the end of the sixth year, I developed a few "coping mechanisms" that really helped.
It all hinges on what situation you are in. If, for example, you are stuck in an office situation, you can't really use my best and most effective panic attack relief coping method. It works really well on general anxieties, too.
Tip No. 1 - Get up and go out for a short, slow run or a fast walk. Try it. It worked for me every time!
This next tip works really well if you are stuck in a situation, like an office meeting, with a person you can be honest with.
Tip No. 2 - Talk about it! Explain, as best you can, why you are having the symptoms right then and there. Works wonders! I didn't have even one person I talked to about a currently ongoing panic attack react poorly. Mostly they'll try to help, and they'll listen. I've had panic attacks end right there.
The next tip is the one I used the most often. You can use this when you are stuck in an office or meeting situation.
Tip No. 3 - Make an excuse to go to the restroom. Go in there. Acknowledge the attack. Start some water running in the sink. Breath in normally and exhale slowly at least ten times while listening to the water. Then splash cold water on your face as long as you want. Say to yourself, "I feel the panic washing away." Repeat.
Now when you go back to the place you were having the attack say to whoever you think is the right person to tell, "Well, that helped! But I may have to go back."
These tips for panic attacks will work wonders but you can't live your life using coping strategies. Well, maybe you can and many do, but what you need is a cure. You want panic attacks to be out of your life!
Fortunately, that can be done. Fast and easily.
You CAN get your life back.

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