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Dr. Purushothaman
October 8, 2013

The Steps below will work wonders in anyone's life if followed continuously for 21 days. Rule of 21 states that if anything is done continuously for 21 days, then a neural path is formed for that activity and this information is transformed from conscious mind to sub-conscious mind. The magic of life lies in sub-conscious mind. It's a known fact all great achievements have been achieved only with proper use of sub-conscious mind.
The steps below will program you mind in a positive way and will improve your relations, health, situation at office, finance, love and in any field you can imagine. The steps are really simple, so don't underestimate it. These are combination of 'The Secret' ( The law of Attraction) and Silva Mind Control Training. Mind programming consists of two parts
1. De-programing( Diluting the things we have and we don't want)
2. Re-programing ( programming the things we want in life)
1) I have derived certain statements which you can modify as per your needs/situations and then have your set of positive affirmations ready infront of you.
2) Next, write ( don't print) it down on a paper in your own handwriting.
3) After that, read these twice daily i.e once after getting up from bed and once before going to sleep.
4) Finally, enjoy the good feeling it will create.
5) Do it for 21 days continuously and you will really happy to see the environment around you.

1) I am the lovely child of my God
God is the most powerful entity in the world, he has supreme power. So, it gives a sense of belongingness.
2) I am the best, I am the best of the best.
We are child of God and as God is powerful, God never creates waste, so believe in that powerful creation that lies within you. So, self-edification is necessary. Many times, we edify others but we hardly edify ourselves. Self edification is necessary as it brings out the best from us and gives us the feeling that we are the best and brings a passion within us.
3) Family
My Family is the best. Family can be elaborated as below:
My husband/wife is the best.
My parents are the best.
My children are the best.

Say positive even if some things are negative. It eliminates all the negatives we have in our mind knowingly/unknowingly. Saying means a lot. It edifies our conviction.
I have observed that many husbands are aware of the positive qualities of their wives but they just don't appreciate it. Saying means a lot more that just assuming. So, you can say things like 'My wife is the best. I like/love her ( mention the qualities).She is the best daughter of my parents, best mother of my children and lots more..just add genuine appreciation. And, if you say it day and night just imagine the change.
Similarly, even if your child is not a good student, then also say ' My children is the best. He is the best student I have ever seen. and lots more. This will create a great environment for the child to grow and develop. It instantly creates a good feeling in ourself,children as well as for each other. So, write down now, don't wait. Again, I say Saying means a lot!!

4) Create an environment for success to breed:
Here, never focus on the negative situations.
Find out the situations in your life that you have and you don't want. Then, make positive statements out of those.
Saying negative will only make you miserable. E.g In office I have observed guys saying 'There is lot of work pressure and tension'. Will saying this ever solve the problem?? NEVER!!!So, say positive. Say ' I had work pressure/tension, but I am feeling good now'.
In case of Bad Boss. Say ' I have the best boss(PL/GL) and he is the most understanding person I have ever seen'. Paste it in your cubicle and let you PL/GL/Boss know about this. Then, see the change. He is bound to change his behaviour towards you within 3 weeks or much before that. With this, you can get holidays whenever you want.

If anybody is in sales, then drop me a mail, I can suggest, how to plan appointments and close a sale accurately before it actually happens.
Have you ever noticed, that you wanted to call someone and as soon as you pick up the phone, it starts ringing and it is the same person calling. What Happened?? Actually, your thoughts are nothing but electrical signals which travel very fast and if directed properly, the person at the other end can be influenced without talking consciously. Your thoughts and vibration can be measured and it creates an electromagnetic field around you which many say as 'aura'. If it resonates properly with another person's aura then, you feel comfortable, just by his/her presence even without talking. Isn't it!! So, now you understand why you like someone, whereas hate someone else.
So, the whole idea is to stay positive, so that you radiate a very bright/positive energy which will in turn attract similar positive energies to you ( your success). And, this will create a beautiful atmosphere around us.

We all are Aladins and the ginnie still exist. The only difference is we can't see it with normal eyes. It's very powerful. The universe is like a catalogue. We have to ask with the faith and belief that we will get it. The only problem is that we tend to drift into the comfort zone whenever possible. No wonder, the applications for high paying jobs are very few as compared to average paying jobs. Dear, come out of the comfort zone, take that extra step, that extra line of code, that extra mile, that extra call, that extra word and you will land up in a different and beautiful world.So, have a millionaire mindset and believe that you can do it.

So, here are the statements in order.

I am the lovely child of my God
I am the best, I am the best of the best.
My Family is the best, most lovable and understanding.
My husband/wife is the best. I have the most beautiful husband/wife.
My parents are the best.
My children are the best.
I am rich.
I am most educated, well behaved and learned person.
I am the healthiest person.
I have a great and friendly work environment at office.
My boss is the best and most understanding.
-- very important for success

You can add positive things about any area in life, write it down on paper and paste it in the bedroom as well as the drawing room and office cubicle, and read it two times daily.
If you want me to verify your statements, then feel free to drop a mail and I'll do it for you. It would be a proud feeling to be a part of someone's success.:)
So, wish you a life full of health/happiness/peace of mind/unity, and lots of positive energy.

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