The Right Attitude: Your Key To Success

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Regardless of how good you are in everything you do, you won't make it without having the right attitude.

Distracted? Unfocused? Jumping from one project to another? Getting frustrated due to unyielding result of years of hard work and efforts? You're not alone, my friend. But you shouldn't be on that side of that fence either.

Say you have all the resources and skills to run an online business and you never failed to expand your network and trail the horizon of opportunities --- yet, you are still at the bottom of the ladder and it seems that you're not in any way leveling up from your current state.

If you think that succeeding is all about underpricing your competitors or pulling them down you so you can take their place on the coveted 'spot of excellence,' then don't expect that you will last that long in that kind of competition.

Having the right attitude is the ultimate key to success. Self-doubt and overcoming distractions are your biggest enemies, without you even knowing it. If you have self-doubt, it will damage everything that you do. You have to be positive or else, you will fail if you entertain negative thoughts. Always remember that your attitude will determine whether you succeed or not. It will dictate how hard you work, how enthusiastic you are, how willing you are to learn, how persistent you are and how committed you are to succeeding.

Next would be the way you handle distractions. We know that the Internet offers wide variety of options for online entrepreneurs; you’ll be presented with thousands of conflicting opinions and promises of easy riches. Sometimes it's best to just stay focused on one thing rather than listening to what these promises are screaming about. You heard a lot of it already; you should know by now what to focus on and what to ignore.

The bottom line is: you must compete with your own limitations and turn those weaknesses of yours around. The Internet is a war zone for people who wants to be successful in their online ventures, but it is also a friendly environment for affiliate marketers, link builders and online sellers.

Larry Potter of www(dot)bit(dot)ly/5vkuTA once said: To achieve success in business, you must ignore your natural desire to compete with other people. Instead, you should only compete with yourself. Here’s why…

All the trouble in the world today is brought about by people competing with each other. All the trouble in the economy today is brought about by people competing with each other. The plain and simple truth is this: Money is not made by competing with others. It is only shared out. And only the most competitive survive in that arena.

Money is actually made by a small handful of people who only compete with themselves. These people effortlessly become leaders in their niche. Everyone else in that ‘niche’ is too busy and stressed out competing with their rival to get anywhere. Following this directive ensures that you become the best you can be.

By means of improving your craft, you will soon find yourself less interested in competing against other online entrepreneurs. Your market will benefit with your innovative ideas, and so as you once they start clicking that 'Buy' button in your sales page.


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