The Reasons Why Potent Ashtanga Yoga Is Great For The Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2014

Yoga exercise is an age-old means of empowering mind, body and spirit. This holistic quality makes yoga one of the most highly employed physical fitness regimens for those who want to master the world of business and while doing so sustain overall health & wellbeing. Being physically healthy, spiritually powerful and psychologically strong is indeed a great thing for the legendary yogis - and also for the modern-day stalwart professional.
The capability of yoga, particularity Ashtanga yoga, to make the mind clearer, sharper and more centred makes it a preferred well-being option for corporate firms wanting to give a more effective, extremely advantageous health and fitness package for its workers while looking forward to how a healthier, more alert workforce directly contributes to high earnings and productivity. Workplaces everywhere have set up meeting rooms to become yoga class areas, signed up staff to enroll in yoga programs, commissioned yoga instructors for company in-house coaching, and herded personnel to city gardens and meditation spots for lunchtime yoga sessions.
The thing that makes Ashtanga yoga especially well-suited for the workplace is its emphasis on cleaning and purifying the mind. In the workplace setting, this means psychological alertness and clarity of thinking that are highly valuable in critical decision-making. In addition, it creates a boost in performance level stemming from enhanced concentration and higher self-awareness and confidence. Those who have been regularly practicing Ashtanga yoga are also recognized to handle stress more successfully, making them a deep ally in the most competitive business field. Moreover, the highly-regarded powers of yoga to reinforce the body's immune system means less sick days for employees which can surely help in creating a more productive organisation.
The exercise of yoga concentrates on proper breathing techniques; students are taught to breathe deeply and slowly, just as if breathing in the oxygen around them is just like smelling a fragrant flower or perfume under their nose. This mode of breathing is designed to feed the action, and finally postures, that make up this yoga system. There's a higher level of vital energy that is said to be awakened with proper Ashtanga yoga practice; this energy balance provides multiple health advantages like alleviating lumbar pain, boosting the hearts functions, aiding significant slimming, reducing anxiety and treating depression, and improving bone thickness and flexibility even in senior-age students.
The vigorous poses practiced during the advanced kinds of Ashtanga yoga made this form earn its nickname, Power Yoga- a fitting term for a workout regimen that fuels mental and physical stamina and strength which is integral for success on the job and good health and wellbeing.
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