The Quest for Happiness - It Wont Be Found In a Pill

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Why does happiness seem to escape so many individuals? Every day, more and more people seem to be taking some new depression medication, as if they're trying to find some elusive quick fix to a happier life. It would seem we need to rethink our thoughts about happiness, where it stems from, and why so many are so desperately going to their doctor seeking it. - Seeking happiness, it would seem, from a pill.
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." - The United States' Declaration of Independence
No truer words were ever spoken. - The pursuit of happiness. The truth is, no matter where we come from; we are not born great. We are not born wise. We are not born successful. Happiness is not something we are born with, and it is not something free for all to take. There is no such thing as a "right" to happiness. No one has the "right" to be happy any more than they have the "right" to be beautiful, or smart. The great thing about happiness is we have to work for it, to shape it, to create it.
We are born with every right to pursue happiness. You may not have been born with every star shining in your favor, with happiness showered upon you, but you were born with the chance to grab life by the horns and work toward being a happy person. The wonderful thing about happiness is that it is not a hidden secret, impossible to find. Happiness is not exclusive; it does not pick and choose. Happiness is there, and available to anyone who decides they want to find it.
The way joy is looked at by people today continually astounds me. I am no expert on happiness, but I am a very happy person, and I can't help but note that people have an ever-growing strange attitude towards happiness. They seek it through means such as substances, other people, and even objects. There are people that are under the impression that, like a free gift for being born here on Earth, happiness is a thing "owed" to them. They never realize that you must earn happiness. Happiness is something you must create yourself. No other person, no pill, nothing can do it for you.
It would seem we are an inherently negative species. We tend to dwell upon the negatives, we amplify the downfall of others, and we are really quite good at pitying ourselves. But why not surround ourselves in positives? Success is all around us, and when people aren't being envious of others' success, it can not only be extremely inspiring, but uplifting as well. By taking the time to stop and notice all the amazing things other people are doing, it makes it much easier to notice all of our very own accomplishments. - And accomplishing things is one of the key factors to being a joyful person.
Confidence. - I believe this is the main factor in becoming a happy person. How often do you meet an extraordinarily confident person who is depressive or unhappy with themselves? Those with a good sense of self-worth are far less likely to be depressed, and they are far better equipped for handling life's little road bumps than someone who has little faith in themselves. And unlike many people seem to think, true confidence does not come from being suave or beautiful. Real, true confidence comes from getting things done. - Setting expectations and goals for yourself and making sure you accomplish them, no matter how large or small. Accomplishing things is not only the easiest, but quickest and most effective way of becoming a more confident person. After all, who ever feels bad when they meet their goal or achieve their New Year's resolution?
When it all comes down to it, happiness is not something you'll find in a pill, there is no deep secrets or hidden keys to becoming a happy person. Happiness is a mindset. It is a willingness to smile despite life's situations, to set up expectations for oneself to build confidence and self-worth. Happiness is something easily attained for anyone willing to put in the effort.

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