Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Nobody is who they are or where they are by some misguided unfortunate act of misfortune. We are who we are today or where we are in order to learn from our circumstances so we may grow; if we feel our lot is a burden unjustly imposed and fail to learn from it, we shall remain where and who we are.
Every person has a seed of ingenuity in them; that we have not yet unveiled deeds of potential benefit to mankind means we are a work in progress. We can achieve anything if we make up our minds completely and definitely to pursue our hearts desires and apply that creative talent given to us at birth to its fullest potential.
The mind is the pathway to universal abundance; if we have not yet acquired wealth, it means that somewhere along the line our minds have been disconnected from the source of wealth and prosperity.
In order to reconnect and become one with the source of wealth and prosperity, you must first become one with yourself, you must feed your mind with positive desires; create value for the benefit of others so that abundance of value can be added unto your life. If you provide others the opportunity to achieve that which you seek and desire, that which you seek and desire will come to you effortlessly.
There are no short-cuts to success. Wherever your mind goes your body follows because the body caters to the needs of the mind. First take care of your mind, and your mind will take care of the business that will launch your professional career, entrepreneurial quest and your moral ethic on the path leading to a self fulfilling prophecy.
Without training your mind for success, without developing the mindset to succeed, success will elude you. It will be impossible for you to achieve success in any category that matters. The more you try to achieve your heart desires, the harder it will be. The closer you get to success, the further away it will become. When you think you have it figured out, you will realize how little you know.
Feed your mind with ideas and materials that create positive desire instead of activities that produce immediate gratification. Concentrate your thoughts on what you desire and provide others means to achieve that which you seek, if financial freedom is the future you seek, you will be financially rewarded.
If you cannot give others what they want, you will not get what you desire. If you hoard information that will benefit others in order to amass wealth so you can be the envy among men or women, you might probably not make a penny more than you already have today.
The more you provide others the same opportunity you received either from a learning curve or divine intervention, the more wealth you will accumulate. Share that which is good and beautiful with everyone with whom you come in daily contact, you will receive more of that which is good and beautiful. The source of wealth is like a light, if you hide it from others, you also hide it from yourself.

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