The Magic of Manifestation

Dr. Purushothaman
August 13, 2018

Manifestation Seems To Be A Vast Concept Isn’t It, But In Actual It Is Just Making Your Desires To Reality.

Manifestation Is Altering The Energy Around You To Bring Into Reality The Thing You Are Manifesting. When Most People Think Of Manifestation, They Automatically Think Of Money Or Wealth. However, Manifestation Can Also Be Used For Physical Things Such As Cars And Houses As Well As Non-Physical Things Such As Personality Traits And Spiritual Experiences.

Manifestation Involves Directly Changing The Energy Around You. It Is Not The Same As Some Of The Popular Generalized Techniques Such As The Law Of Attraction, Positive Thinking Or Goal-Setting.
Manifestation Allows You To Create What You Want In Very Specific Terms.

Although Manifestation Is Not An Instant Technique, You Will Find That It Does Occur Far More Quickly Than You Would Suspect.

When You Manifest, You Are Changing The Future, Not The Present. Imagine The Future Flowing To You Like Waves. When You Manifest, You Are Programming One Of The Waves Coming To You With The Thing That You Want. When That Moment In The Future Arrives, So Does The Thing That You Manifested.

Every Person Has Deep Desires – Desires So Intense That Even After Years Of Frustration, These Desires Will Linger. Do You Feel That You Have Such Desires, Too?

If You Do, Would You Jump At The Opportunity To Actually Manifest These Desires In The Real World?

If Your Answer Is A Resounding Yes, Then You Only Have To Perform An Important Step: Ask For It. This May Sound Strange – But This Is Really The First And Perhaps Most Important Step Of All.

Reliable Theories On The Law Of Attraction Exist And At Some Level, Many Of These Theories Are Presenting More Or Less The Same Approach. The Article You Are Reading Right Now Will Show You The Best Techniques When It Comes To Accessing The Manifestation And Law Of Attraction.

We should understand that, in order to explore the vast treasure house of this universe and our subconscious mind there are plenty of methods and paths. If you can travel in any one of this path you can definitely actualize your dreams and goals. All that you want is absolute dedication.

As You Progressively Shift Your Mindset, Thinking And Emotions, You Will Become The Beneficiary Of The Universe.

Here Are Three Basic Steps To Get You Started With Successful Manifestation:

Define What You Want:

Before You Do The Actual Manifestation, Decide What It Is You Are Manifesting. Be Very Clear About What You Are Asking For. For Example, If You Are Manifesting A New Car, Be Very Clear And Specific. What Make And Model Is It? What Color? Is It New Or Used? What Does The Interior Look Like? How Much Do You Pay For It?

Do Not Be Too Specific In Your Manifestations. For Example, If You Are Manifesting A Relationship, Do Not Manifest A Relationship With A Specific Person. That Person May Not Return The Feeling You Have For Them. Instead, Figure Out What Attracts You To That Person And Manifest A Relationship With Those Traits. This Way The Universe Can Present You With The Best Possible Match And Someone Who Returns Your Feelings.

To Get Ready To Manifest, Sit Down And Clear Your Mind. The More At Peace Your Mind Is, The Clearer The Signal You Will Be Sending Out To The Universe And The Faster And More Accurately Your Manifestation Will Come Into Being.

Make A Wish:
Obviously Manifestation Is Much More Than Making A Wish. But A Wish Is A Good Place To Start When Manifesting. When You Wish, You Maintain The Child-Like Innocence, Trust And Belief That Is Critical To Manifestation. Once Your Mind Is Clear, Project Your Clear Visualization Into The Universe. Focus On Manifesting Only One Thing At A Time And Stop If Your Thoughts Become Jumbled.

Final Thoughts:
Manifestation Is A Powerful Tool To Accelerate Your Spiritual Development And Bring Balance Into All Areas Of Your Life. Do Not Limit Your Manifestations To Financial Gain And Material Things. Manifestation Can Be Used To Advance And Develop Spiritual Skills, Bring New Spiritual Experiences, Create New Relationships And Develop Character Traits.

The article contributed by Dr. Abhishek Vyas, a Numerologist & a Metaphysical Scientist.

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