The Individual and Human Behavior

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

Human behavior is acting in a responsible and acceptable manner when interacting with others. Social behavior is the act of keeping in accord with good and acceptable social standards.

What is social interaction?
In order to define acceptable social standards, one must first understand social interaction. All humans are individualized in manner and actions. To quote William Shakespeare, "The world is a stage and people are merely actors" is truer than we would like to admit. Behavior is simply the progress of performing. Human behavior comes in many forms as it is indicative to any given situation. What then is the difference between human behavior and social behavior? Human behavior is the process of privately revealing one's inner self while social behavior is oriented towards other people or group of people.

What is social behavior indicators ?
The process of expressing oneself while interacting with others within a social environment, could be called, "social behavior". Such behavior includes talking, sharing, morality, values, relationships, working, objectives, touching, etc. Each avenue of expression contains an element of rationality in its expectation and therefore displays a segment of its provider.

Is behavior an expression of intent?
Expressional behavior displays to others a persona of consciousness that has the ability of perception, conveying ideas, morality, restraint, rational, and reasoning to another person's experience. Expression also involves the possibility of interacting with another's behavioral system. Self expression must take into account any personal actions, and performances.

Responsible behavior.
Behavioral responsibility lies with the individual for his/her actions while operating within a social environment. Society sets acceptable standards and expatiations for individual behavior. Each individual is a part of the sum of the whole society which expresses itself as a culture.

Cultural behavior.
Cultures consisting of many individuals, are responsible for its behavior. Cultures interact with other cultures much like an individual. The possibility of one culture warring on another culture is much higher than individual inaction. This is because a small fraction of the culture has the ability to direct the total population into conflict. Actions of one culture may conflict with another's beliefs and values resulting in discord between the cultures. Any discord could result in bad behavior from either side.

Social behavior and progressive cultures.
Social involvements should be directed towards the progression of the culture. If an act is in discord with accepted policies then the act is deemed antisocial and rejected as an unacceptable procedure. Each behavior within a society is for the unity of the society so long as its objective is a social act. Cultures who demand accountability by their leaders tend to have a much higher possibility of progress while cultures who are lead by force tend to regress.

Social expatiations and beliefs.
While nonsocial acts are a possibility the main degree of behavior within a civilized society continues to benefit the total population. A person who expands his/her education, self worth or social skills is a tribute to his/her society. A person who chooses to live in degradation exhibits bad behavior and is a burden to his/her social framework. Societies who allow poverty are responsible for accepting it as part of its' structure.

Social practices and emotions.
In conclusion, there are also social practices and emotions. In many societies there are thousands of years of customs, habits, practices, and laws which make up normal and accepted actions. Many of these actions involve personal emotions, drives, and beliefs, that honor interactions with others. The simple action of greeting by shaking hands, refusing to be immoral, imposing upon others are examples of interactions. Building relationships and creating higher values for society are examples of good deeds. Helping a neighbor or someone in distress, taking part in social procedures are examples of good citizenship.

While behavior is a responsibility, it also delivers character and meaning to one's actions. Always do what's good and proper.

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