The Art of Practicing Self-Compassion!

Dr. Purushothaman
October 10, 2013

Compassion towards self, as novel as it sounds, has been proven by experts to go a long way in treating depression. It works by developing feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, which is essential for every person to feel confident.
In an effort to re-build the lost self esteem through compassion to self, it is important to stop being critical. Most of us tend to be hard on ourselves when something goes wrong. This has to be stopped immediately. Life is not a bed of roses and problems have to be taken with the same spirit as happiness is. Focus on positive things that make you feel safe and happy. Instruct your mind to reject all negative thoughts about yourself, others and all the anger.
Get out into the open air and get some pure heavenly oxygen. Meditate or pray to god, whatever makes you feel good. Chocolates are said to be great anti-depressants, don't worry about weight for once, just go give yourself a treat of whatever you love.
Do you love music? Then play the music of your choice and let is sink deep in, and dance away your blues, and watch your spirits rise. Want to go clubbing? Call some of your friends and dance the night away. Going out and mixing with others can be most therapeutic for a worried mind that thinks of a million things when left alone.
You've always wanted to be a singer but people always shut you up? Well, this is the time you get your way. Sing on top of your voice, without a care in the world. The feeling that you've overcome the fear of singing can be a wonderfully motivating factor. You can even go on a small vacation with friends.
Indulge yourself with all the pleasures you've always kept at bay. This will break you free of all the mental blocks you've been living with.
After a long day trying out all these things, slip into a warm tub, close your eyes, and let all the goodness of the world fill your self. Do this for a few days, and you'll find yourself changing and getting back to your normal self.

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