Teenage Trapped Emotions Cause Havoc Late

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


In my research, I have been finding that many trapped emotions are found in the pre-teen and teenage years of our lives.These emotions contribute to major health issues later on even as much as 60 years later.
There is an alternative therapy that can be used for many teen issues called the Emotion Code created by Dr Bradley Nelson. It is used to remove emotions that your teen has trapped in their organs. These emotions could cause havoc on your child's body and mental state of mind over time.
I have often wondered how peoples lives would change, if they had the ability to release emotions that can be trapped when the incidents occurred in just their pre-teen and teenage years. I have seen it personally that when the emotions that were trapped from their teenage years were removed, their issues disappeared or at least lessened.
It is astonishing how powerful trapped emotions can be over time. For example Nancy, a middle-aged woman, every day of her life she woke up with a headache and with only 2 releases of emotions her headaches stopped. The emotions were from ages 6 and 17.
What would her life have been like if she did not have those headaches her entire life?
James, at age 78, had chronic back pain for decades. However, when the emotions relating to his father and sisters death at age 12 were released, his chronic back pain subsided substantially. Again, I wondered how his life would have been if he had released those emotions that were trapped years earlier.
Others have had very traumatic experiences in their pre-teen and teenage years such as abandonment, rejection, guilt, abuse and they have held on to those emotions for all of their lives and when the emotions that were trapped are finally released, dramatic changes occur.

You can only imagine the problems that emotions can cause relationships and progress in their careers among other areas of their lives.
How do I remove these emotions that were trapped? Any emotion code practitioner can release all of the them causing issues in your teen. The practitioner will locate and release all of them by using "Applied Kinesiology" or "Muscle Testing". Each teen is different. However, it generally takes about 1 to 5 sessions to remove all of them causing these issues.
Is it painful to remove these emotions that were trapped? The majority of the time they will feel no pain. However, after each session they could possibly feel emotional, a mild headache, or fatigue.
Many events occur during the teenage years, you would be helping your children for a lifetime if you or an emotion code practitioner could check for trapped emotions caused by specific events and release them. It truly is possible that your child can live a healthier life just by performing this alternative therapy. I wish you the very best!

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