Teaching Children How to Pray

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014

Is it that our prayer gets successful only when we sit in front of god's idol? This is one of the habits of human beings which they never forget ever in their lives, whatever religion they belong to. Prayer is not just simply saying some words but to thank the creator of this universe for showing us the world and keep us well for the rest of our lives.

Prayer should not be done only by the adults but it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children the way to pray. Many a times, parents do not need to take initiative to make their children pray to god; they themselves learn it when they see their parents do it every day. Prayer habits last for a lifetime, but at times it becomes critical for the parents to teach their children how to pray. There are few tips for the parents through which they can teach their children how to pray.

1. Help your children to talk to god. Make it a routine work for the children to pray to god twice a day on a daily basis. Make your children believe that god is our friend and he fulfills our all desires, they can share all their day's activities with god. Children do only those things in which they believe.

2. Make your children believe that god loves cleanliness. In this way, they will also keep themselves and their surroundings clean.

3. Try to make them god-fearing, so that they do not make any mistake or commit any sort of crime ever in their lives. Once they start getting afraid of god, they think before they do something.

4. Parents also should make their prayers every day. It makes the children follow their children because children do the same things that their parents do at their home.

5. With teaching them how to pray to god, parents also should make them know the positive effects of prayer.

6. Help your children to understand that God may respond to their prayers in a number of ways and God may answer accurately as children request to him. Also ask them not to be disappointed because God may also answer in a way that is different from what they wished, therefore wait to answer, or God may also say no.

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