Taught you how to form good habits quit bad habits

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014


Adhere to 30 days - in any case insisted that the new habits of thirty days. This requires 95% of your efforts, so be sure to adhere to in the first month, persist, persist.
Recorded - Winston Churchill once said, "did not use the schedule, it is commendable that plan." If you want to change a habit, you want to do immediately planned and recorded.
Consistent - you decide to cultivate good habits. But you the first day of running; the next day into a bike; then on the third day and replaced with dance, so although your habits become so interesting, but it is difficult to adhere to and form a regular habit. In the first month of training habits to maintain your consistent habits, not to any change.
Daily training - What is a blog updated 3 week insisted update 3 blog seven weeks more easily? I was surprised to find that, at first insisted updated daily, over a period of time several times a week updating easier. So I suggest to develop good habits in the first month, the daily must adhere to, so that you can more easily be used to become long.
Understanding of harvest - if you want to develop a permanent habit, you need a little motivation. Know where you get from what benefits the new habits. A good diet? I read some magazines on healthy diet and feel the taste of healthy living. Economic costs to develop the good habit of saving? Search to understand the habits of your financial future, what kind of impact. These habits can only find the benefits you will have constant power to promote the habit you cultivate.
Plan ahead - find a suitable time to develop habits. Earlier this month, may find you develop new habits destroy things, such as holiday travel, work schedule changes, and so on. Plan ahead so you can be painstakingly trained to avoid sudden weight loss plan is up to muddy the birthday party; also allows you to avoid the trouble of their own travel and try to establish a good habit of saving expenses.
Ceremony - before you start a new habit, it is best to hold a ceremony. If you want to develop the habit of getting up early, try to turn off the alarm clock, nurtured automatic clock.
With sugar syrup - some habits are not fixed. A new habit to form, there must be abandoned old habits, resulting in some empty. For example: to reduce the access time, some form of rest to reduce time, reduce TV time, and so will lead to produce spare time, so you have to "with sugar syrup" to fill the gap, so things have continuity.
Reward heavily - when his successful cultivation of a new habit, give yourself some reward (not necessarily the money is). This will reinforce your motivation, you continue to adhere to.
With "but" - this is my habit to develop from an outstanding Institute of expert there, use the "but" to change bad habits to develop in the case. When you insist on a new habit for some time, it more or less negative thoughts. So the idea behind each negative by adding "but", and add some positive thoughts. Requirements established only a few habits you can, and keep it simple, do not let your request as Microsoft's user agreement so long (that's right - too long). Keep your change is simple, making it easier to adhere to.

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