Tapping The Real Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Even the most enlightened of spiritual teachers would be hard-pressed to put down spiritual awakening in words. While most of us at some point or the other do come across out-of-the-ordinary experiences, not all of them necessarily point towards spiritual awakening.

If you go out asking, most people would confer having some sort of otherworldly experience, which can rightly or wrongly be taken as a manifestation of spiritual awakening. Many consider being inspired by inner peace as being so deeply meditative and mystical that it's interpreted to define spiritual realms.

Those who have been on the path to spiritual awakening would concede that it is a long journey and every small step in the way is an important one. As one progresses towards spiritual gyan or spiritual knowledge, a wide range of euphoric experiences from surreal to divine can manifest themselves.

Experiencing such wide emotive dimensions is highly gratifying, and stays etched in the memory for a long time. It is the propensity of the mind to recapitulate and relive such transcendence that coaxes the mind into harboring outside notions about spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

However, spiritual awakening is not an instant realization of truth. It takes breaking new grounds of spirituality with every small experience until it becomes a natural state of being. This brings out the fundamental idea behind the coming together of two of the great mystics in Dr. Rochaldas Sahib and Dr. R M Hari and creating a platform for guiding all true seekers of spirituality and spiritual awakening.

Gyan Marg is a repository of the greatest works in Indian philosophy brought together to help the true seeker tap into and channel the latent power within toward spiritual awakening. Of all the spiritual marvels ever complied, Sri, Yoga Vasishtha is of monumental significance to the spiritual seeker. The book holds revered conversations between a young Lord Rama and the much-hallowed saint Sri Vasishtha, with the Lord seeking the way to enlightenment.

Sri Yoga Vasishtha is one of the most sacrosanct pieces of spiritual literature, and according to the famed Indian saint, Swami Rama Tirtha, it is ˜one of the greatest books, the most wonderful according to Rama ever written under the Sun, which nobody on the earth can read without escaping God-consciousness.

The original Sanskrit text runs into thousands of pages, often leading to palpable barriers to comprehension and understanding. Gyan Marg reproduces its English translation with striking lucidity to guide you to a better realization of great medieval knowledge.

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