Surprising Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit You Must Know

Dr. Purushothaman
January 2, 2019

Fruits as we all know are super foods and have all the required nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals that provide the daily energy and keep our body going. There is a stark difference between the health of those who eat fruits and those who do not. Anyone who makes it a daily habit to eat fruits, they will notice great skin, beautiful hair and most importantly, a happy immune system that protects the body from unwanted diseases. Every fruit is packed with a variety of nutrients and benefits and depending one that we want in our diet, we can make a selection of which fruits to eat without fail. Jujube is a Chinese fruit that is known for its multiple benefits and we all must eat them at least once in a few days to enjoy the benefits. One should check the Internet for healthy eating ideas.

Why should I eat jujube?

The following are a few amazing health benefits that Jujube brings and they are listed down below:

  1. Chinese culture gives great importance to the fruit as it is believed that it is packed with all essential nutrients that give the body everything it needs. It is considered important for growth and children are given these on a daily basis.

  2. The dried jujubes might be high in calories, but they are also packed with the required dose of nutrients and vitamins that make the body feel strong and fit. Those who may not be able to find fresh jujubes, they can have a few of the dried ones every day to still enjoy the health benefits.

  3. Jujubes have a few properties that make them anti-inflammatory and also have certain properties that help with healing infections. Also, the continuous consumption helps improve the body and save it from infections. One must always make it a habit to good health tips.

  4. Fresh Jujubes are excellent sources of Vitamin C and as we all know that vitamin C is an important source of energy and vitamins in the body. Jujubes also help in repairing wounds and those who may be hurt can have these jujubes and they will notice a difference in the wound and injuries. The daily intake of Vitamin C

  5. Jujubes and dry berries contain a fair share of B-complex vitamins that are super essential for the body. No matter what the age, one must try to make sure that they eat jujubes and they should also make it a habit.

  6. Jujubes also have a few medicinal properties and they are known to cure nervousness, infections and help one with the digestive system.

Stress Relief with Jujubes

Jujubes or Chinese dates have medicinal properties. It gives a lot of benefit to the brain. It helps in relaxing the mind. It also helps to provide quality sleep. The fruit has neuroprotective qualities that help in giving protection to the neuronal cells from the neurotoxin stress. The result is that there will be a boost of memory as well as learning power. Jujubes have jujuboside and flavanoid that can help in preventing and even treating neurological diseases. Hence people experiencing stress and a very poor sleep quality need to consume jujubes on a regular basis. Jujubes help relaxing the mind and also give you a healthy body.
The prime cause for disease like Alzheimer disease and Parkinson is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can cause damage of the neurons, resulting in these diseases. The jujube extract helps in protecting the cells of the neurons against tert butyl hydro peroxide that actually causes the oxidative injury.
Jujube tea by the Chinese herbal medicine is mainly used for fighting against insomnia. The fruit increases the sleep time, thus relaxing the mind. It helps in improving the learning power and memory too.

Selection and storage is important

The season for jujubes is from July and they last till November. One must enjoy the fresh fruits when it is on sale in the market. The fruits are readily available in the market and one can easily find them in the market. The applications and websites also provide fresh jujubes from other countries if they cannot find it on their own. This will also provide mental health benefits and one must try their best to eat these fruits.

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