Suggestions To Keep Your Mind - And Your Memory - Sharp

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


How To Have A Sharp Mind

mind control - this is fascinating capabilities. Did you understand how quickly you can nurture it?
In the same way it's crucial that you keep your body healthy, it's crucial to keep your mind -- and your memory -- healthy. Your entire body's health will reflect on the swiftness of your mind, so knowing a few very simple tips about how to keep your whole system in check will help you remain alert too. Read on for some very simple strategies to help both body and mind fight back the ravaging effects of aging.
Work out your mind by reading something that interests you or entertains you. Its also wise to mix up what you read so that you're working various areas in your brain. For example, to stimulate your brain's visual and learning areas, read a book that's filled with amazing pictures and information on faraway places. A book which is written in a second language you know is going to build your language center. Make sure you vary the books you read so that you avoid becoming uninterested.
Playing Sudoku, word searches, crosswords, and other puzzles and games will help keep your mind and memory razor-sharp. These activities fulfill a need for competitiveness, even if you're basically competing with yourself. However, they can be enjoyable and you can do them on your breaks. As an example, keep a puzzle book and pencil in your bathroom so you're able to give your mind a quick workout when you're in there.
If you truly want to get competitive, pursue a sport. Team sports provide you with an excellent exercise for your body while the game itself will help to build your brain power. Body-eye dexterity will also get a boost as you have fun on the field, track, court, or diamond. You could keep your body and mind in excellent shape when you do team sports.
Are you aware that cleaning is a great way to exercise your brain? Reorganize your kitchen or count the tiles as you polish them. As you clean, your body gets a physical workout and your brain becomes busy trying to keep track of what you're doing. Your nice and clean household will also give you some peace of mind, and relaxation is a great tool for keeping your entire system in good shape.
If you're not really set on cleaning, an alternative solution is to go outdoors. For example, you could start a garden. Gardening entails lots of planning and work, so you're going to be working out both your brain and body. Take gardening seriously. Make a layout of your garden, plan what plants you are going to grow and what they need. You'll need to care for your garden regularly. Gardening could pay off in a big way. Your physical health and mental health are going to benefit.
We have to be aware that we must exercise our body and mind for us to be healthy overall. It doesn't actually take a lot to keep your body healthy and your mind razor-sharp. If you take time to look after yourself, you can expect to live a long, happy, and healthy life. With these easy ideas, you can have a healthy body and a healthy mind, which ultimately leads to a sharp memory.

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