Stress Symptoms: Be Informed

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014

Stress is the most common mental and physical situation that everyone faces! It is not just restricted to adults. It has now become visible even in children. Because stress can manifest in a number of ways, it is better to know the stress symptoms so that proper management steps can be introduced before it is too late. Stress can develop because of the environment. It can develop because of relational turmoil. Stress can be negative and it can also be positive. The positive form is not a matter of concern because it can only help people to benefit in one or more ways.
The only form that triggers alarm is the negative form of this psychological condition. Negative stress can induce far reaching consequences on health, on work, on social and personal life and on behavior leaving a person badly tangled in the meshes of life and the results that follow may be intense depression leading to self-destructive thoughts. If the person goes through with the thought, the family members are left behind with grief, sense of profound loss and depression. It is because of this, stress management is extremely necessary. Let us now take at a look at some of the symptoms of this psychological condition.
Symptoms of stress
The most common stress symptoms include the following:
Sleep deprivation: Stress is generally associated with less sleep. The disturbed state of mind does not allow the person to sleep for sufficient time or the person may fail to sleep at all.
Cardiac ailments: Stress is generally associated with high rate of heart beat. This can cause heartaches, which can be extremely painful.
Malfunction of digestive system: Stress can lead to problems with digestion. This will lead to gas problems. This cannot be taken lightly because gas is considered to be a serious medical condition which can even lead to death through stroke. Stroke in this case generally occurs when gas manages to make its way into the brain. Brain is not meant to accommodate gas or any form of liquid and this can lead to stroke.
Hypertension: This was once referred to as the disease for Old Men. The scenario has changed. Young people, as young as 20 years old, have been diagnosed with hypertension. This is actually known as high blood pressure. It is therefore necessary to take this ailment as one of the stress symptoms because; stress is one of the primary causes of hypertension.
Obesity: This is yet another physical condition which is spreading like parasite, affecting almost every alternate person in the world. This is a stress symptom because stress can lead to eating habits which are uncontrolled. It is not necessary that obesity will be caused only by food. Stress can also lead to hormonal imbalances which can affect body's metabolism where fat is not burned effectively and thereby resulting in obesity.
The above mentioned symptoms are only physical symptoms. Stress is something more. It can cause mental agony that a person cannot share. It is the duty of the family members to understand the problem and help the person to walk out of the situation as soon as possible.

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