Strategies for Business Growth & Become Rich

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

Examine management's assumptions, perceptions, predispositions about the market, and determine to what extent they are valid.

Use one or more of the following Marketing strategies: Use, improve -- marketing materials; advertising; trade shows; direct mail; market research; public relations; etc.

Use one or more of the following Sales strategies: For Sales staff -- increase their selling time, increase their numbers, increase their knowledge, skills; engage sales reps, distributors; enhance customers' knowledge of what's offered; etc.

Expand our business within the segments we serve; or expand into other segments; or expand our geographical area; or change the % of sales we make within our existing client base, segments, or geographical areas.

Determine what the competition has going for it, and then exceed them.

Evaluate new opportunities in the market--in terms of acquisitions, new products/services, collaborations with others, etc.

"Attract" the market to us - by immediately implementing cleanliness & organizing work to the next highest level; and by managing our finances better. (This can invoke a response and make the market come to us.)

Determine what our unique strengths are, and incorporate this information in our marketing and sales efforts.

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