Spiritual Wellness - Exploring Your Inner Self With the Trivedi Effect

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Our life is full of physical, mental and emotional challenges which we face in our everyday lives. Even the minor problems in life may cause tension, anxiety, headache and negative thoughts which may terribly affect our health. We put lots of effort in the form of money and time for the wellness of body and mind to face these challenges. But we often ignore our spirit which is the most important pillar of human life. Rather we need to understand that attainment of spiritual wellness is of utmost importance for leading a healthy life. Many of us are conscious about spiritual wellness but may not actually understand as to what this term actually means?
The term Spiritual Wellness is a person commitment to commence a journey of inner understanding, to recognize the purpose of his life and to judge as to who he or she actually is? For this purpose, we normally follow various techniques such as; prayers, seminars, meditation etc.
As said earlier, in order to lead a healthy life it is very essential to experience spiritual well being. One can attain the everlasting physical or mental well being without attaining the spiritual well being. To elaborate, the Spiritual well being improves our mental health and helps in keeping us positive and happy about everything. This further helps us in dealing with physical ailments. Spiritual wellness can never be achieved through any external sources, rather it needs complete introspection followed by transformation.
Positivity plays imperative role in maintaining spiritual health. One should accept the fact that bad things are ought to happen and there is no way you can escape it. Rather face the situation and explore the positive aspect of the same. A negative circumstance gives you a chance to help someone or to forgive others or yourself for a mistake. Also, it can give you a learning experience which may bring a positive change in any particular aspect of your personality. Finding positives in a negative situation requires practice, but once you have mastered it, you will be able to offer a healing heart to the one who needs it.
With a positive stance, your mind will ultimately start discovering solutions to the prolonged problems. Rather than allowing the depression to cloud your thoughts, the mind will hunt for answers. It is true that not every answer you seek will be correct, but the fact is initially you will be able to solve smaller problems in life and gradually the bigger ones.
How spiritual wellness helps us?
Spiritual Wellness allows you to clear the negative thoughts prevailing in the mind in the midst of a crisis. Instead of getting trapped in the crisis you can transform and focus on the ways to fight with the situation and get out of it.
The Spiritual Wellness can protect us from several non-physical problems that occur in life. It also helps in controlling mental ailments and helps us in maintaining over all well being for mental as well as physical health.
Conquering physical and mental ailments are quite tough; however with positivity and chosen spiritual direction one can face these problems with utmost confidence and fortitude.In order to choose the right spiritual path it is essential to opt for appropriate technique, the Trivedi Effect is one such phenomenon which can help you in achieving spiritual wellness.
About the Trivedi Effect
The Trivedi Effect is a natural phenomenon that, when harnessed and transmitted by individuals, transforms living organisms and non-living materials so they can function at their highest level and serve a greater purpose. Mr. Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi and Master Gopal possess the ability to transmit the Trivedi Effect.
The Trivedi Effect has the exceptional capability to infuse abundant positive energy in life through the Energy Transmissions TM. This energy connects a person to his/her own inner guidance system which in turn connects to the Universal Intelligence. This strong connection helps a person achieve the spiritual wellness and thereby physical and mental wellness as well. For more information visit http://www.trivedieffect.com.
Tens of thousands of people worldwide have experienced this phenomenon and have experienced reduction in stress levels, positive emotions, good physical and mental health and Spiritual wellness. They are now experiencing lives filled with a greater sense of mental clarity, peace, well being, and happiness.
Good morning from Spain. I would like to report to Mr. Trivedi that I am beginning to feel the presence of a great sense of protection as a result of the Energy Transmissions. My confidence is improving. My inner and outer focus is improving. I am beginning to understand what it means to truly feel worthy. This sense of worthiness strengthens my ability to ask the Divine for what I need for my happiness. I can embrace my own happiness and worthiness and confidence for the first time. Thank you - Virginia Poynton
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As the effects of this energy create a ripple effect into the world, we may start to see great transformation occurring not only in fields of health and wellbeing, but in broad and varied aspects of what we know about the Universe and how the world functions. Don't wait. Experience the Trivedi Effect for yourself and join the thousands of others already benefited from this miraculous energy.To find out how to receive an energy transmission go to http://www.trivedimasterwellness.com
About the Author
Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is recognized throughout the world for his powerful Energy Transmissions, known as the The Trivedi Effect. Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi and the New Trivedi Master is going to conduct Transforming Humanity Trivedi Remote Workshop on November 9, 2013 where you will discover what they and you can do to help find real and lasting solutions to the greatest problems of the world now and for generations to come. Join us at this historic event. It promises to be unlike any other workshop Mr. Trivedi has ever offered. For more details go to:
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