Spiritual Expansion

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

What is self-acceptance and how do I "get there from here"?

Self-acceptance is being content where you are. It is accepting where you are as you look to the horizon of where you want to be. Self-acceptance is acknowledging where you have been. It is acknowledging the many dings, dents, bumps, bruises, heartaches, disappointments and skinned knees along the way.

Are you willing to recognize the flaws which brought you to where you are? Are you open to accepting others for who they are rather than what you think they should be? If your answer is anything other than yes, how then can others accept you as you are if you do not accept others or yourself? Forgiveness is one way to accept you as you are and where you have been. Accepting who you are in this moment does not mean you are going to remain where you are, unless of course, this is your choice. Many choose to stay where they are not moving forward. Choosing not to move forward is being stuck in the past, that which is behind you. Staying where you are is choosing to remain attached to the past. Choosing to move forward requires compassion first for you and then for others. You cannot give what you do not first give to yourself.

Acceptance is not surrendering your heart's desires. It is not giving-in or giving-up. It is about supporting you as you expand Spiritually moving beyond your comfort zone of what no longer is. It is about tolerance of yourself as you continue to detach from drama, detaching from those who would attempt to hold you in their comfort zone.

Detaching does not mean cutting people out of your life. To detach is to not engage in the drama of the "shoulda, woulda, coulda" or the "you should not have done" syndrome. This is an attempt by others to keep you in "your place" within their reach, within the boundaries of what is "expected" of you.

Yes, courage is a key ingredient to moving forward to the edge of everything you have ever known where you will find stones to step upon or be taught how to fly, soaring above the ordinary. Acceptance of the Self involves being able to release not only you from the past, it also requires you release others as they too seek their own way along the journey.

Lessons learned need not be forgotten. Forgiveness release s you and all concerned. Forgiveness does not request you remain where you are, in relationships or situations which no longer serve your highest and best good.

Nurture you as you begin to accept your true Self, that which is within. Nurture yourself, find the courage to speak your truth, to venture beyond all that has come before. Be compassionate as you look within discovering your true essence, the core of who you are accepting all that is revealed to you in light and love.

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